5 things to consider when hiring a carpet cleaner


Are you thinking of hiring a carpet cleaning services company? Choosing the right one can be a bit tricky. Experts recommend to investigate and consider all factors before making a decision. So, here are a few factors you must consider while hiring a carpet cleaning services company.

Are they trained and certified?

  • The services offered by a professional carpet cleaner are much better quality and will be more thorough.
  • Make sure that you are hiring trained and certified professionals.
  • Hiring a trained and certified professional ensures a much higher standard of work and adds value to each penny spent on it.


  • While hiring a carpet cleaning services company, do ask for a written estimate before work is performed. By doing this, you will not have to face surprises on the final bill.
  • You could also collect written estimates from various companies, compare all of them, and then make a decision. This process helps you prevent money wastage.

Are they insured and bonded?

  • Like any other services, carpet cleaning services too shall be bonded, licensed, and insured by that particular state.
  • The company shall carry the workman’s pay insurance and risks related to the services they offer.
  • So, before hiring a carpet cleaning services company, do ask whether they are bonded or not.

Do they offer a guarantee?

  • Most of the carpet cleaning services companies offer a guarantee on their work. These guarantees, however, vary considerably and include different kinds of problems and time extensions.
  • So before proceding, make sure to understand all the guarantee terms and conditions set forth by the company.

Which method do they use?

  • The types of services offered and procedures followed differ from one company to another. For example, CarpetNurse’s services include carpet stretching as the principal cleaning method.
  • The most recommended carpet cleaning method is steam cleaning.
  • The professional carpet cleaning service shall include these five steps – dry soil removal, soil suspension, soil extraction, grooming, and drying.

Do research well about the carpet cleaning procedure and methods.

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