Answer to Few Relevant Questions Related to Bi-fold Doors


Nowadays you can see bi-fold doors installed in most of the modern homes in UK and other European countries. These doors are available both as off-the-shelf item as well as custom-made products. You can easily install them as your exterior or interior door.

You may click on the Bifolding Door Factory website link, if you are looking forward to buy these doors in the UK. They offer top quality products from some of the most reliable brands. Here in this article, we shall try to answer few relevant questions that you always wanted to ask.

What are these bi-fold doors made of?

These bi-fold doors are usually made by using different materials, such as uPVC, composite or timber. However, aluminium is the material which is most popular out of them because:

  • Aluminium is strong
  • Much easier to maintain
  • Aluminium is also thermally efficient

How much these bi-fold doors cost?

As far as cost is concerned, it may vary significantly based on the material used and also brand. Aluminium doors are normally little more expensive as compared to all other materials. However, they are of much better quality, having more strength and also aesthetically more pleasing.

Vinyl doors can be a cheaper option, but usually they are of poor-quality and may become faulty more quickly, and thus makes them less cost-effective.

How can I decide which size of bi-fold door will I need?

In order to decide about the size of your bi-fold doors that you need, you need to first assess the aperture by fully opening the doors.

You need to provide little room for fitting, which will be around ½”. So, after you have measured it up, your actual door size that you should order will be size of your opening minus your fitting tolerance for both the width and height. This will be applicable whether you prefer aluminium, wood or vinyl bi-fold doors.

For making sure that you order the exact size, better you should hire any building professional like an architect, a structural engineer or a builder to take measurements. They can advise you about how much of your wall to replace by bi-fold doors and also how much you should leave wall space around the door.

If you prefer to get your own sense about the door size that you need, then you must take few measurements by using following three steps:

Step 1

Use any large spirit level and measure the opening diagonals from both corners, to check how much your door is going to open.

Step 2

Now measure your width of opening at top, bottom and also middle. Then measure height on all sides and also in the middle. After that, take smallest measurements and then deduct ½” to get the right size of your door that you must order.

Step 3

Next consider whether your doors are going to open-in or open-out and ensure that there will be sufficient space to open.

Are these bi-fold doors secure?

It will vary from supplier to supplier. If you buy from any well-known brand then their bi-fold doors are quite secure, that often surpasses the security standards.

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