Building VS Buying A Home In Christchurch

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Are you looking for a new home in Christchurch? Do you have the funds to build your own, or would it be wiser to buy an existing property? Both hiring home builders in Christchurch and buying an existing home have their perks. Pete’s Construction is here to help you find the best option for your family.  

The Pros and Cons of Building Versus Buying A Home

Deciding whether to build or buy a property can be a daunting task. Let’s look at some of the positive and negative aspects of both approaches: 

Building A Home In Christchurch 

Have you always had a clear vision of what you’d like your dream home to look like? The only way to get the house you’ve always wanted to live in, is to get home builders in Christchurch to build it for you. You get to design your home exactly how you want it, from the ground up! This includes the layout, exterior entertainment areas, how many rooms and bathrooms you get, and more. If you want a farm style kitchen and luxurious bathrooms with custom features tailored to your lifestyle, or even a massive entertainment area in your home for movie nights and get-togethers, you can have exactly that. 

Getting your home built by a construction company can be cheaper in the long run, because you won’t be paying for someone else’s renovations over the years if you buy an already existing home. You can also time your construction around a period when interest rates are relatively low, making it a better time to invest in a new home build. Speaking of finances, a home build can be expensive. But you’re in control of the home you get according to your budget, and you won’t be settling for a house you don’t love because that’s all the market can provide. You can find ways to cut costs, and still get the home you want. 

The cons of building a home includes the timeframe you’ll be working with, and how much effort and patience it takes during the construction. Home builds take longer than buying one, and there is more paperwork involved. It can be an expensive process, with materials, labour, and other costs adding up quickly if you’re not careful. But, again, you might spend more in the purchase of a home that needs work anyway. 

Buying An Existing Home In Christchurch 

Buying a home has its pros and cons as well. When you purchase an already existing home, you can move into your new home much sooner than if you get it built by home builders in Christchurch. You don’t have to worry about any construction delays or unforeseen costs, and you may be able to get a great deal on an existing home, especially if the market is slow.

However, it is essential to remember the cons of home buying. You won’t be getting your dream home, sometimes, no matter how many renovations you invest into the property. You might have to make compromises when it comes to the features and layout of your home. The current owner’s renovations and additions may not meet your expectations, and as mentioned, the home might need extensive and expensive repairs and renovations to get it to a somewhat acceptable state, as opposed to your dream home. 

Buying a home up front also requires an up-front investment, which not everyone has access to when they find their dream home on the market. It’s a major investment, so when you start looking to buy, you’ll need your finances on hand and in order. 

Leave It To The Pros At Pete’s Construction 

No matter which route you decide to take, the team at Pete’s Construction is here to help. Our experienced builders will help you design and create your dream home from scratch. For those looking for a quick move-in, we also have plenty of existing properties available. 

Don’t get overwhelmed by the process – let our home builders in Christchurch take care of all the details for you. Contact us today to learn more about how Pete’s Construction can help you build the perfect home! 

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