How Deck Boxes Could Be The Perfect Storage Solution For Your Garden


When you discover the appeal of deck boxes as functional and aesthetically pleasing storage solutions for your garden, it can transform your life. This might sound dramatic, but when you consider a garden space and the number of items and garden furniture that you have, it makes sense to find storage solutions that stand well alongside your garden shed, in a way that looks great, offers ample storage space for your needs, and is robust against both the elements and potential criminals looking to steal from your garden.

What are the main reasons you should consider adding deck boxes to your garden?

Great storage solutions

This is the biggest reason why you should consider deck boxes. How often do you look at all the garden furniture and other items that you have and think ‘where am I going to put all this stuff?’. There are times during the summer when we have long periods of good weather and spend so much time in the garden, but the weather in the UK is so unpredictable that it makes sense to have deck boxes that are perfect for those extra items that you require storage for, such as tools for the BBQ, kids toys for the garden, cushions for your outdoor seats, smaller gardening tools etc. This makes the outdoor space look tidier at the end of every night, and also frees up space for larger items in your garden storage shed.

Dry storage space

Having access to extra outdoor storage space that is secure and offers protection against the elements is the perfect solution for extra garden storage. Waterproof deck boxes are useful, as it means you have peace of mind that even if it begins to pour it down with rain overnight, your items are stored away and protected against the elements.

Secure storage

We are also always looking for a way to secure our garden items somewhere that protects them from criminals. By leaving items out in the open, they could be within sight of criminals scouting for potentially vulnerable gardens where they can steal from. A deck box that can be locked up, hides away items and offers an extra layer of protection that acts as a deterrent to criminals.

Extra seating solutions

Deck boxes can also be chosen to look great and be part of the wider garden aesthetic. If you have guests visiting, you can add comfy cushions to your deck box that turns it into a seat. That way, you can store the cushions inside the box, and pull them out when you need to transform it into extra garden furniture. This type of versatility is key to what makes garden deck boxes so popular in modern gardens.

There are many different things that you might have in your garden that you need storage for. This can include outdoor garden furniture, cushions, chairs, alongside your bike, the need for bin storage, somewhere to store your DIY tools, gardening tools and equipment, seeds and planting paraphernalia, paint and decorating equipment, and so much more.When you are planning your garden, including a deck box as an integral part of the outdoor space can make a massive difference to the look of the entire garden, the comfort, and providing ample space for your storage solutions.

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