How Do Plumbers Unblock Drains


Clogged drains can really give you a very bad day. Aside from the fact that you could not use your faucet or toilet for the meantime, it gets messy and stinky all at the same time! How inconvenient it is to have a load of dishes to wash when your kitchen sink is clogged!

Sometimes, we are able to manage and do drain cleaning nashua nh on our own by watching DIY on YouTube. However, there are indeed circumstances where it gets way beyond our control and we are left with no choice but to call for a plumber.

Plumbers are angels in disguise because they can magically provide blocked drains solutions or fix broken pipes and drains in a jiffy.  And at times we wonder, how do they do that?

Plumbers are professionals in this field. They have been given the right training using the right tools to address all sorts of problems that are related to our pipes and drains.  It would really be convenient to have them around anytime we need them, but hey, they are one of the busiest people in town, as there is no shortage of clogged or broken pipes and drains every single day.

If you find this kind of profession interesting and perhaps you or someone you know may want to pursue this kind of career someday, getting a background of what they do and how they do it will do the trick.  So, here’s a short list of the different kinds of ways that plumbers do to save us from these inconveniences:

  1. The simplest tool that they may use is the hand plunger. In fact, this is the kind of tool that you can use as well. The hand plunger sucks whatever is stuck in your toilets, sinks, laundry troughs, and basins. It’s very simple and easy to use plus it eliminates the need to use chemicals which may harm your pipes.
  2. Plumbers also use an auger, or plumbing snake, or a flat sewer rod to clear blockages deeper. It is a corkscrew-shaped hook that is being pushed in the clogged toilet or sink.  It helps to unclog whatever is down there by a pushing motion.
  3. When clearing blockages caused by oil and grease, the most effective tool that plumbers use would be a hydro jet. It clears by spraying with a high-pressure hose with a nozzle attached, and a machine that pressurises the water.
  4. Plumbers also make use of a drain camera.  This is a very effective means to inspect the drains and identify the problem so that the plumber can make the best solution to the problem.
  5. Lastly, plumbers may opt to use an underground pipe & cable locator. A locator verifies and locates the exact position by marking distinctive poles using a micro-map display. This is a more comprehensive and accurate approach in identifying the root of the problem.

Having these tools make the plumber’s job easier, faster and more convenient.  A plumber’s job may not be a glamorous one, but it is indeed one of the most important jobs there is.

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