How to Identify Genuine Sheepskin Rugs


Sheepskin rugs are special. They are soft, warm, and luxurious. They can add a feel of grandeur and richness into any space. However, you should be able to distinguish real from faux sheepskin. No matter how you intend to use it, buying genuine, high-quality sheepskin rugs should always be a priority. There are a few tips and tricks that may help you identify genuine sheepskin from faux sheepskin rugs. Some of them include;

1.Try Bending It

Try bending the rug and observe it. If it is genuine, the rug will bend without breaking. Faux sheepskin rugs are unlikely to retain their shape. They may break or bend out of shape.

2.Touch It

This is one of the easiest and most effective ways of testing the authenticity of your sheepskin rugs. A genuine sheepskin rug should be soft with a natural feel. Faux sheepskin rugs may have an unnaturally soft feel. They can easily slide through your fingers. It may be sticky. If it is genuine, your sheepskin rug should feel a cat’s fur.

3.Examine It

Take a good look at the rug. If it is faux, you will notice the fibres coming off. The wool colour may be different from the pelt. For genuine sheepskin rugs, the fibres shouldn’t come off even if you pull them lightly. The colour and texture should be consistent.

4.Pour Some Water on It

While this may seem weird, it is an effective way of checking for the authenticity of your rug. If your sheepskin rug is authentic, it should remain warm and dry. Natural sheepskin has insulating features and it repels water.

5.Pierce It

Use a pin to pierce through the rug. If your pin goes through the rug effortlessly. It isn’t genuine. Real sheepskin rugs have a leather lining. It would take some effort for a pin to go through them.

6.Burn It

Take a few strands from the rug and burn them. A genuine rug should give off the smell of burning wool or hair. When burned, faux rugs may smell like paper or melting plastic.

7.Fleece Texture and Pelt Shape

In most cases, the wool on your genuine sheepskin will be curled or hair-like. After the pelt is tanned, the wool tends to lose its curl. However, it still feels soft and spongy. It is dense and the shape isn’t regular. If the pelt of your sheepskin rug has a very symmetrical shape, it is likely to be faux.

Genuine sheepskin is more comfortable and durable than faux alternatives. It is hypoallergenic and warm. It has moisture-resistant and insulating properties making it great for use regardless of the weather conditions. Unfortunately, it is possible to buy faux sheepskin as fraudulent vendors may pass it off for genuine sheepskin.

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