Techniques for Decorating Your Locker


Decorating your locker in class can be a fun approach to express your own personal style and creativeness. Beginning getting a clear locker is the simplest way to begin the decorating process. Discard and recycle all the products you don’t need.


Magnets are a fun way to carry products within your locker. Funny or ornamental magnets are also really excellent adornments on their own. Another magnet ideas include: photo magnets, calendar magnets, calculator magnets plus much more.


Hang pictures within your locker of remembrances which will make you smile. Seeing these pictures during a vacation to your locker during the middle of a university day is a good way to give you happiness better. Try hanging a picture individuals with your family or buddies. A picture from the pet is an additional excellent locker decoration.

Souvenirs and Mementos

Will you have a napkin from your favorite restaurant or possibly a gift you bought during vacation? These make perfect locker adornments.


Hang up the phone the telephone posters of songs, Tv shows and Celebrities. Measure your locker before selecting a poster to make certain you purchase a size that suits. Consider altering the posters throughout the year so your locker features a change with each and every season.


Review your hair after gym class or ensure you don’t have anything within your teeth after lunch. Locker mirrors are created with magnets to be easy to hang your within your locker.

White-colored board

A white-colored board with dry erase markers can help you stay organized. Write yourself notes during the day to keep your self on task. Help help remind yourself to buy certain books to examine or that there is a paper due in the morning.

Air Freshener

Create a unique space along with your favorite scent. Whether or not you want vanilla, citrus, floral or any other scent, air fresheners are really simple to encounter. Your locker does not get plenty of ventilation, and so the air freshener is a powerful way to mask the give an impression of stagnant air.

Household Goods

Most lockers will not cash space for household goods, however, you typically will find room for a few important objects. A toy or possibly a plastic figurine will discover a house within your locker.


Try adding a pop of color with streamers, ribbon or fabric pieces. Decorate along with your favorite colors or show some pride for that school by decorating your locker along with your school colors.

Not Permitted

Decorate your locker with products that won’t leave any lasting mark. Paint and permanent makers aren’t permitted.

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