A roof is what makes your house a home, considering that it provides the securement that you need. Without the crown of your humble abode, you wouldn’t be safe when a thunderstorm, blizzard, or an intense heat occurs. 

The thing is, a roof is expected to last in approximately 25 years, but when it is only receiving the maintenance that it needs. However, when a homeowner does not provide the proper upkeep it acquires, the roof’s life expectancy only lasts for about 12 to 15 years. Often shorter than expected, which is mostly the reason why a roof repair happens.

These are the sad reality of the marketplace of roofing manufacture.

Hence, a roof does not last since even from the moment it was built is already encountering the changes that each season brings. Whether the firmament is giving out strong rain during spring, the howling wind throughout the winter or too much heat of the sun’s rays caused by summer.

Seeing that, those heavy rains, hurricanes, snowstorms, and heat of the sun can give damage to the roof. Gales, heavy downpours and thunderstorms’ high velocity of the breeze causes shifts in air pressure. That these wind-driven cloudbursts have the possibility to provide open seams and splits. Alternatively, too much power of the sun’s ray causes cracks, bumps, and gaps, which persists to be unseen not until you start seeing leaks during a rainy day.

The good thing is a leaky roof can be fixed by professional roofing contractors. Given the fact that they are already accustomed to

what they are doing. These pros are also well-equipped, which gives them the confidence to optimistically think that repairing a holey roof is easy.

Alas – as the enhanced community lockdown continues during the COVID-19 pandemic, help with your leaking roof will not instantly arrive. Therefore, as a homeowner, you must be knowledgeable on overhauling your leaking roof whilst assistance is not yet coming.

Be well-informed about the temporary fixes for a leaky roof inscribed on the infographic below brought to you by Fahey Roofing Contracting:

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