The great cartoon debate settled


For years it seems, parents have been debating whether they should let their children watch cartoons. Well, the arguments have been heard, the cases have been made, the science has been done and the results are in: Cartoons aren’t bad for children (provided that they’re age appropriate).

Yes, you read that correctly, cartoons aren’t bad for your children. So long as you choose the right cartoons and let your children watch them in moderation (no one at any age should spend all day watching cartoons), they can actually be good for your children.

Don’t believe us? Here are some of the main benefits your children can enjoy from watching cartoons.

The benefits of Free kids Cartoons:

They teach important life lessons

Your child’s education doesn’t start at school. In fact, they start learning almost as soon as they arrive in the world. School is important because they’ll important subjects like maths and science. However, before they get there, there are some important life lessons that they need to learn like the importance of honesty, how to treat others, and more. Cartoons will teach your children these important lessons in a fun and engaging way that will ensure they take these valuable ideas in.

They strengthen your child’s language skills

Understanding and using language is an essential life skill that every child needs to master. Cartoons can actually help your child to grow their language skills. Whilst watching, they will be exposed to new words, forms of expression, and other core concepts of language.

They inspire your child’s imagination

Cartoons are bright, fun and exciting. They are full of characters from places both real and imagined, all of which will inspire your child’s imagination. This will help them to create worlds and characters of their own that they can explore through play. This is important for children as they develop and it’s also one of the best parts about being a kid!

They are a lot of fun

Kids love to have fun and few things are as fun as cartoons! So, whether it’s over breakfast, during quiet time, or even on a rainy day, cartoons are a great way to let your child enjoy themselves and be a kid.


So, it’s settled: Cartoons are actually good for your children. The trick, as we mentioned earlier, is not to let your children watch them too much. Instead, try to make watching cartoons just one of your child’s varied interests!

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