What is Metal Photo Print and What are the Specialities of Metal Art?


The metal art is perhaps one of the first forms of artistic self-expression of mankind which can be seen in the ancient civilisations. The metal prints also popularly known as metallic prints are high definition and modern art pieces made out of sleek metal usually the aluminium panels layered with images. The metal prints photo artworks are very popular because they magnificently bring photos to life and look luminous when placed in a living room or bedroom or any other favourite place of the interior. 

The metal photo prints normally use frameless designs providing a clean and modern look to your photos. You need not further deal with matting or frames with the metal photo printing once it arrives from the metal photo printing company. As aluminium is usually the base material for metal photo prints, they are durable. The metal prints look the same luminous and new as the day it was printed even after twenty years of their printing. Besides this, they are scratch resistant and waterproof. The metal photo print dose not easily damage even in the heavy traffic locations like a playroom, or water and heat risk locations like the kitchen and bathrooms.

The photos in a metal photo print genuinely look marvellous and surprisingly full of life. It happens because the images get infused into the metal and not on top of the metal, it becomes radiant and clearer. The process of metal photo printing eventually takes the simple-looking image and magnifies its beauty in the metal.

You can choose from several types of surface finishing while considering a metal photo print. A brushed metal surface normally allows a silver basecoat eventually muting the image colour and enhancing the metallic elements. Similarly, a true colour surface gives a whitecoat which ultimately pops the original colour of the image. The glossy finish for both true colour surface, as well as brushed metal surface, turns the image vibrant with a crisp appearance. On the other hand, a matte finish which is applicable for both brushed metal surface and the colour surface as well usually offers a muted and subdued look.

The metal photo prints are less glaring in comparison to other framed artwork particularly because there are no glasses to reflect the light and create a glaring experience. However, you must not place your metal photo print under the direct sunlight because of its fading characteristics. Secondly, your chosen photo should be of the highest resolution in order to appear crisp on the metal panel.

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