What To Ask a Property Manager Before Hiring?


As a property owner, you may want to rent it out to tenants and there are some responsibilities like collecting rent, property maintenance, advertising, finding new tenants, and more. You may not be having enough time to take care of all these tasks. You can hire a property manager or individual to take care of all these tasks on your behalf.

Finding a trusted property managing company is not an easy task. There are so many companies out there. You must find the right one for your property and your peace of mind. This article will give you an idea of what traits should you look for when you are in search of a property managing company. 

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Before hiring one, you need to know what they can offer you. So, it becomes necessary that you interview them before hiring. 


It is required by the law that the property managing company should have a license. Make sure you choose a licensed property manager. 


Property managing companies should also have insurance to protect themselves from any wrongful evictions. Ask them for insurance details to make sure that you won’t be held responsible for their mistakes.

Do They Have Rental Property?

If the property manager owns a property, they can take responsibility for the investor’s best interest since they can easily understand the owner’s perspective. They can treat your property as they do theirs. Though this is not a requirement, it will be beneficial for the owner. 

Their Experience

Their experience in this field shows their expertise and knowledge. If the property managing company is new to this field, it may lack expertise. 

What Kind of Properties Do They Specialize in?

If you are searching for a Surrey property management company, make sure to know what kind of properties they specialize in. If they only deal with single-family homes, you cannot expect them to handle large or commercial property since they are to be managed in different ways. 

How Many Properties Do They Manage?

Know how many properties they manage to make sure they have enough staff to take care of your property. Some real estate agents also work as property managers to earn additional income. In that case, make sure how they can balance between these two jobs. 

What Are Their Offers?

By asking this question, you can get to know about their company standards and how they differ from other companies in the market.

Tenant Management

Ask them how they screen tenants, do background checks, how long it takes to move in a new tenant, and they manage house maintenance and such. 

Speak To Their Clients

You can ask them about their clients. How many clients do they have and for how many years they have been clients of this company? 

You can also ask them for a client’s reference to know whether they are satisfied with their service or not. Clients’ reviews will be very useful to you in choosing the best service-providing company.

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