4 Tips for Relocating to Houston


Whether you are relocating permanently or simply on a brief stint in Houston for work, transitioning and finding a place to live can be challenging. When moving, you aren’t often aware of which parts of your new city you love, which parts you don’t, and what neighborhoods are the most secure and most convenient to your new job. Regardless of why you find yourself in Houston, these 4 relocation tips are for you. From choosing a Houston one bedroom furnished apartment to spending time out on the town, we’ve got you covered on your next long term (or temporary) move.

Find Temporary Housing

One of the biggest challenges in relocating is getting trapped in a year-long lease before you are familiar with the area. A Houston one bedroom furnished apartment is ideal to keep you housed and comfortable prior to choosing a more permanent place to live. Furnished apartments are secure, accessible, and in prime locations to help you experience every aspect of your new city. If you are only relocating temporarily, a furnished apartment gives you a stress-free housing option for as little or as much time as you need it.

Get Out on the Town

This tip may seem self-explanatory, but getting to know Houston and all it has to offer requires a little more attention than simply going out to eat now and then. Pick a different coffee shop each week, try a brunch spot on the weekends, or explore every city park one at a time. Whatever makes you happy in your daily life, be sure to get out and explore those options within the city.

Consider Family Venues

If you have a family that will be joining you in Houston, consider what options will be convenient for your family. Where are the best schools? What activities does your family enjoy? Do you need access to shopping, dining, parks, or sports complexes? Take the time to drive past, walk by, or simply spend an afternoon living it up in the part of the city that has what you’re looking for.

Check Your Commute

One great way to relocate well—and find the best place to set down some roots—is to try different commuting options. Drive, walk, taxi, bike, and try different commuting options from your furnished apartment. If you enjoy the accessibility of walking, look for places close to work. Not sure what neighborhood provides the best commute? Check the flow of traffic on your phone as you head to work each morning.

Relocating to Houston should feel like an adventure and not a burden. Finding the best place to live is made easier when you take the time to get to know the area and discover what you love. Opting for a temporary furnished apartment also gives you exactly what you need: access to the city, a place to live, and time to explore your new home.

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