5 Kid’s Room Redesigning Tips


Your child should have their little space where they can be themselves while fostering growth and learning. When redesigning their room, keeping it a fun experience is essential.

Designing a children’s room is not as easy as simply installing new kids’ wallpaper. Besides ensuring it looks aesthetically pleasing and practical, you mustincorporate your child’s interestsso they feel a sense of individuality. 

If you are unsure which direction to go, here are five helpful tips for revamping your child’s bedroom:

  1. Add Art Prints

Photo art prints are a fantastic way to introduce your child to the creative world while enhancing the visual appeal of their room. Art prints showcase a variety of subjects, including animals, sceneries, and everyday life. We recommend framing art prints to boost their aesthetic while protecting them from damage.

  1. Enhance the Walls

Whether you’re going for wallpaper or splashing a new coat of paint, changing the appearance of your kid’s room can significantly impact its appearance. 

Before choosing any colour, always remember to plan for the long run. It may be wonderful to paint the walls bright pink, but your child might soon grow out of it, causing you to invest more in a different paint job.

It is important to keep everything simple. We recommend selecting neutral wall colours and decorating them with diverse accessories and furnishings.

  1. Better Lighting

A child’s room should be a comfortable and safe space for your kid. The key to making a cosy ambience is to have appropriate lighting.

Consult a professional if you want to install a new lighting system. Ask for their advice on the overhead lights, dimming, and type of fixture.

Always choose soft and not too intense lighting, like LED lights. Avoid fixtures that appear cute but give off glare that may harm your child’s vision.

  1. Upgrade Storage

Messy rooms are not a good sight, so it is best to have additional storage to put away clutter.

We all know that children love to collect various objects, from books to art materials. You can use furniture like cabinets and drawers to organise your child’s belongings and clear the room of unwanted mess. Also, invest in a bookcase and upgrade the shelves to hold more capacity.


  1. Keep it Simple

Redesigning a room with your child is a fun and endearing experience, but try not to get carried away. Keeping all the decorations and styling simple can provide a bigger play space for your kid to grow and learn.

Additionally, simple kid’s room designs can be upgraded faster, which is handy once your child matures. 

Revamp Your Child’s Room Today

A kid’s room should be a place for fun, comfort, and growth. Allow your child to experience true creativity and style with Urban Road’s broad collection of homewares, furniture, and art prints. Visit us to learn more.

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