9 Best Oregon Moving Companies 2022


Moving to a new house might be simple if you work with a specialized moving crew. Oakville Moving Companies can provide you beyond just packing and transportation services, despite what the general public believes. The most time-consuming aspects of moving, such as boxing, disassembling furniture, and setting up storage, can also be helped by full-service teams. But how can you be certain that you’re dealing with the best option for your needs when there are so many movers in Oregon offering service? We’ve put together a thorough list of the top best movers in Oregon for both local and long-distance moves.

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Top best movers

International Van Lines is the best full-service mover.

Allied Van Lines is the best for long-term storage.

North American Van Lines offers the best customer service.

American Van Lines offers the best add-on services.

Safeway Moving Systems is the best for military moves.

JK Moving Services offers the best insurance options

U-Pack has the most affordable prices.

PODS are best for self-service.

1-800-PACK-RAT is the best long-distance moving storage containers Nova Scotia, Canada.

  1. International Van Lines



  • services for loading and unloading
  • services for transporting vehicles
  • movers for the army
  • Services for corporate relocation


  • a full-service moving company offering all kinds of services
  • experience moving internationally
  • Online estimates that can be accessed without calling a representative
  • Excellent client service


  • Bookings are subject to a deposit.
  1. Allied Van Lines

(877) 483-9424


  • Moving both locally and abroad
  • migrating internationally
  • Putting things away (full-service or partial)
  • Assembly and disassembly of furniture
  • Removal of debris
  • GPS tracking of shipments


  • available throughout the United States
  • For every move, a committed customer service agent
  • Numerous additional services


  • brokering some transactions
  • Location may affect the level of service.
  1. North American Van Lines


Moving Services by North American Van Lines Broker or Carrier Level Full-Service and Area Local, Long-Distance, International 130 nations plus all 50 US states


  • Container Services
  • Yes\sStorage
  • Yes\sInsurance
  • Basic ($0.60 per lb each item), with extra coverage choices
  • Obtain A Quote
  • Free Quotation


  • Bookings are subject to a deposit.
  • Expensive compared to other services
  1. American Van Lines


Moving Companies its Regional, National, and International Broker or Carrier Full-Service Service Area and Worldwide for International Packing Services, All 48 Continental US States


  • Yes they have Storage
  • Yes you can get Insurance
  • Starting at $0.60 per pound, per item, for coverage
  • Free Quote Requested


  • Bookings are subject to a deposit.
  1. Safeway Moving Systems


Moving Companies and Broker or Carrier Full-Service Service Area All 50 US States Broker or Carrier Broker Service Level


  • Insurance Yes,
  • Storage Yes, and Packing Services
  • $0.60 per pound for each item.
  • Obtain A Quote
  • Free Saying


  • Only Long-Distance

Oregon relocation

Both state and federal legislation have severe regulations that movers must follow. Everything you need to know is as follows:

  1. Federal Permit.
  2. State-issued ID.
  3. Documentation needed.

Moving Tools and Resources

We hope the following materials will make it simple for you to settle into your new home:

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  2. Update Your License to Drive: Website for Oregon DOT
  3. Trends in real estate Housing Market Report for Oregon
  4. State Administration: Oregon Travel Guide: Go to Oregon

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