Cedar Roofing: The Advantages and Disadvantages


Conventional cedarwood roofs are most remarkable for their striking natural good appearances. Nevertheless, past their beauty, they provide a whole host of useful benefits, resilience, eco-friendliness, and weather resistance. Cedar roofing does require a certain quantity of care; however, to expand their life, as well as keep them at their ideal.

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Regarding Cedar Roofs


  • The term “cedar” can describe timber from loads or more different trees, expanded throughout the world. Though traditionally red cedar has been the selection most frequently used to build roof coverings, recently white cedar has grown in popularity as a result of its lower price and the fact that it’s reduced from new-growth trees.
  • Relying on individual preference, cedar might be cut in the type of either shingle, sawn on both sides, or shakes, which are hand-split as well as re-sawn to lead to an extra rough-hewn, tough texture.
  • Cedar roofs are environment-friendly when their wood originates from lasting sources. Seek accreditation of sustainability by the Forest Council.
  • Cedar roofing is durable. Normally warrantied for 20 to 25 years, they will normally last as long as 50 to 60 years or even more if properly preserved, mounted, as well as brought back.
  • The life-span of a cedar roof covering can conveniently be prolonged by doing residential roof replacement glenpool ok with specific tiles and drinks that have worn, warped, or broken. This conserves the monetary and ecological price of mounting a new roof.
  • At the last-stage of their life, the discarded cedar shakes or roof shingles are recyclable as mulch.
  • Cedar roofing is naturally weather-resistant, standing up to terrific variants in temperature and freeze-thaw cycles. They are likewise earthquake durable.


  • A cedar shake or tile roofing system costs more than roofing made from lots of synthetic products.
  • Due to the fact that the wood needs to “breathe,” cedar roofing system installation needs to consist of a substratum that will permit airflow.
  • Cedar roofing has to be dealt with to make them fire-resistant, making use of just items specifically made okay for cedar. There are eco-friendly treatments on the market, though.
  • A cedar roofing system can be harmed by heavy snowfall, as well as inadequate airflow. It might be an excellent suggestion to use snow guards, as well as a ridge airing vent system, depending upon the requirements of your regional building ordinance.
  • You’ll require to be careful if you climb up on your roofing system to perform or paint other DIY jobs; the cedar is slippery when damp.

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