How to Maximise the Benefits of Underfloor Heating


Making the most of your new UFH system

As the experts in underfloor heating Essex property owners trust, we have worked on a variety of homes. We’ve seen first-hand the benefits that UFH has to offer – and we have some top tips on how to maximise those.

The benefits of underfloor heating

Underfloor heating has a huge number of benefits, and so many property owners are making the switch over from radiator systems. If you decide to install UFH in your home, you can look forward to advantages such as:

  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Much greater retention of heating, leading to higher efficiency
  • It can be comfortably run at a lower temperature, reducing your energy bills
  • A much more even heat across a space
  • No more radiators that harbour dust and grime
  • You can easily tailor the level of heat
  • Works with all flooring types, making it suitable for a wide range of homes
  • Frees up your wall space by getting rid of radiators, making it ideal for smaller homes
  • No radiators can give you more flexibility when it comes to interior design

If you want to get the most out of your underfloor heating and experience all the above benefits, then we have a few simple tips and tricks.

Running the system efficiently

Underfloor heating is great at providing a stable, comfortable level of heat – and for that reason, many property owners choose to have it running in the background. How high you have it turned up is down to you, but many property owners have it set to around 16-27°C. If you do need to turn it up, it will take much less time to reach your desired temperature as the system will already be running at a lower heat. Therefore, it will not need to expend as much energy to do so.

Insulate your home

We’re all aware of the benefits of insulation but having underfloor heating in place makes it even more essential. Underfloor heating retains a much greater amount of heat and doesn’t need to be turned up as high to generate a comfortable temperature. Having your property insulated will allow you to capitalise on these two benefits, as it will stop the heat that your underfloor heating does generate from escaping your property.

Pair your UFH with a heat pump

As it doesn’t have to be turned up as high, underfloor heating has much less of an impact on the environment. If you are passionate about doing more to help the planet, then you could pair your underfloor heating with a heat pump. These are sustainable option that uses heat from the air or ground to warm up your home. Heat pumps are most efficient when operating at lower temperatures, which makes them a natural match for underfloor heating.

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