Importance of Gas Top Up For Your Air-Conditioning At Home


For the air conditioning installation Thousand Palms, CA in our homes to function properly, we must periodically perform correct maintenance. If we perform maintenance that is not completely correct, it will not only affect the operation of the system, but we may also be exposed to poor air quality in the home where we are exposed to mites, fungi and other microorganisms.

It is important for our health, the cleaning of our air conditioners as well as the disinfection, de-bacterization and application of fungicides.

Main maintenance tasks of an air conditioner

Usually, the ventilation equipment works 24 hours a day, at a higher or lower speed depending on the contamination detected by the humidity or CO2 sensors or by the manual selector. 

Thus, the filters collect pollutants and dust from stale air throughout the day, so periodic air duct cleaning portage mi and maintenance work on equipment and filters will be essential, and correct air renewal and the guarantee of that the air we breathe is free of pollutants, odors, etc. Thus, for ventilation systems and equipment, the main maintenance tasks and air conditioning service gaffney sc will focus on:

Filter cleaning

Filter cleaning tasks will vary based on various parameters. For example, in the case of centralized equipment with a heat recovery unit and specifically, in models recessed in the ceiling, in which the filters are smaller, the ideal thing will be to clean every three months, but it can be extended to six months. In wall-mounted equipment, where the filters are usually larger, cleaning is recommended once a year.

In decentralized air equipment on demand, the recommendation is to clean the filters once a year or at most every 2 years, since they only work when necessary, so they tend to collect less dirt. 

In those equipment in which filters for very small particles are used or in homes or environments located near roads with high traffic density, it is recommended to clean the filters more frequently, since they will clog in less time when subjected to levels of higher pollution. Indoor air quality will largely depend on its condition in optimal conditions.

During filter cleaning, typically the professional will perform a aircon gas top up service to refill the refrigerant which should leak out after some time.

Cleaning ducts and openings

The maintenance of the ducts in the ventilation systems is very important since dirt often accumulates or condensation forms inside them, which increases the risk of the formation of microorganisms. In any case, duct cleaning should be done every four years, as long as the filters have been cleaned regularly every three to six months depending on their use. The cleaning system used for the ducts must be carried out with care so as not to damage the inner lining of the ducts.

Cleaning of fans

Fans should be cleaned at least every three years. In this process it will be essential to clean each fan blade equally to avoid possible imbalances in the operation of the motor when putting it back into operation. Verification, by means of measurement elements, that the system provides the minimum required air flow rates and complies with current regulations.

Cleaning the air vents

At least every 2 years the air vents or air grills of the system should be cleaned. To do this, it will be necessary to take into account that depending on the duct system, different air vents will be installed. In some cases, the flow regulation is carried out in an air manifold or distributor where the air mouth is fixed and therefore there is no possibility of regulation. However, in adjustable air vents it is advisable to mark each outlet with the name of the room in which they were placed to avoid exchanging them after the cleaning process.

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