Planning kitchen design for your new home? Don’t miss these pointers!



Building your dream home can be a satisfying and overwhelming experience at the same time. Kitchen is easily the most necessary and practical part of the house, and often, the battle is between function and style. Functionality is an aspect that cannot be overlooked for the kitchen in particular, but that doesn’t necessarily mean compromising on the design or aesthetics. Services like Entrepot Cuisine have ready designs that can be considered for your home, and for your help, we have a few pointers that may come in handy. 

  1. Figure out the layout. Contemporary homes & apartments have smaller kitchen, so the layout has to be practical. Most interior experts recommend keeping an eye on the three components of kitchen triangle – cooktop, sink and refrigerator. Note that you may have other appliances in the kitchen too, such as the oven, smaller things like the toasters and sandwich grills, and it makes sense to select a layout that keeps everything within an easy access. 
  2. Decide on the cabinetry. Cabinetry of your kitchen is important, not just for making the most of the wall space but also lock things out of sight. You don’t want to have everything visible, because that just creates a clutter look. For the cabinets, select the materials wisely, and the ideal choice would be wood. You should be careful with the finish too, because light color and white finishes often need more maintenance. 
  3. Countertops do matter. The countertop is the work area of your kitchen and must be made of something that’s durable, doesn’t require a lot of maintenance and is aesthetic at the same time. You have a bunch of choices, but nothing really beats quartz and granite. Quartz is more expensive than granite, while granite is more ideal for extensive use and assured durability. You can talk to interior experts to figure out the pros and cons. 

Decide on a budget

Long before you go ahead and buy things for your new kitchen, it is wise to do some ground homework on the budget. Things can go beyond the expected price, and therefore, keeping around 20% of the actual budget aside for contingencies is a good idea. 

Ensure that you have selected a reliable installation service and if your choice is a ready-to-assemble kitchen, be very careful with the measurements and don’t shy away from asking relevant questions with regards to maintenance. Your kitchen is a onetime investment – make the most of it!

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