Some Of The Most Common Issues With Mobile Home Title Transfers


In the entire states majority, of mobile homes, all the manufactured homes are transferred to different sellers through buyers through a slip of state-issued paper known as the title. You must know about the issues that come up during the transfer mobile home title.

Some mobile home investors are most likely to face challenges with mobile home titles, specifically when they want to transfer them in their possession. Generally, the title problems happen because the title is sometimes lost, the actual owner is not present, or the title is missing.

Basics About The Mobile Home Title

The state that has the mobile home is most likely to issue the title. This title generally includes different details like the vehicle’s identification number, model year built, the home vehicle serial numbers etc. The title of your mobile home is just like the title of your car, so you need to keep the title safely, or you might land up in trouble. The mobile home title is transferred to the local department depending on which state you reside in.

There is an indication of some serious issues if the mobile home title is missing. You need to verify the state when the taxes are paid regularly.

Some Of The Most Common Mobile Home Issues Are As Follows

  • Last Title Or Missing Title

The idea is that the seller sometimes does not know where the title is kept, or it might be lost during a fire or any other natural disaster or accident. Irrespective of the cause, you cannot sell your mobile home if you do not have a title. The solution is simple. For example, if you are selling the house currently, you are also the legal owner of the house on different records, so you can simply get the duplicate title. You just need to connect with the mobile home titling department or agency to know about the various steps which you need to take ahead.

  • Missing Title And The Owner Are Not Legal.

At times the seller of the house is not the legal owner. Whenever you are buying a home, for example, you do not instantly go down to the point where you have to transfer the title of the house. It might happen due to several reasons. Additionally, do not own the home until and unless it is registered in your name. You can solve this issue depending on if the owner from whom you have got the house is available or not. If they are available, then you need to connect with them immediately.

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