The Need to Install Skirting Boards


When you are tossing with the idea of redecorating your home, you must think of installing skirting boards. Skirting boards are also known as baseboards, and they are panels of wood that remain linked to the joint where the floor meets the wall. The interesting thing is you will find these boards in varying finishes, shapes, and sizes. People find many reasons to install skirting boards, and the most common reason is skirting boards work to protect your walls as they hide unsightly wires. Hence, these boards can give all rooms a distinct character and look.

The thickness

People consider the thickness of the skirting boards before they install them. A 150mm skirting board slots together before it bonds to the walls. These skirting boards look similar to real wood but without any hassle. People use these skirting boards all through their offices or homes to accomplish a low-maintenance and flawless result. It seems a cost-effective option to install skirting boards as they do not need painting. Additionally, they are created to be highly resistant.

Skirting boards protect your walls

A few kinds of furnishings like shelves, armoires, and cabinets are required to stand against walls, and most often, the corners of these furnishings end up scratching the walls. It becomes an issue when the walls of your house have paneling or elaborate wallpapers. At times, the walls are created from elegant-grained wood too, and in this condition, the sharp edges of the furniture damage the wall. So, people prefer to use skirting boards.

When you have got flooring, you can avert the necessity to repaper or repaint your walls if you rearrange or substitute your furniture. It happens as the furniture won’t have to rest against the walls entirely. The skirting boards will form sufficient space between the walls and the furniture.

A skirting board hides unsightly wires

Besides the marks of disrepair, dust, and dirt, wires that hang like tendrils and vines make a house look unsightly. In place of allowing the wires of your home to be hung this way, you can collect and put them behind the skirting boards. Most of the time, people use fashion skirting boards and leave space for wiring. Sometimes, people buy skirting boards that have got allotments for the wirings they require.

A skirting board gives character to rooms

Skirting boards serve utilitarian purposes, and they give distinct character to all the rooms. When these boards are painted in a specific color that tends to be different from the color of the walls, then it attracts the detailing on the walls. Baseboards are habitually found with elaborate carvings and moldings, and they work as decorative features of a room.


With time, people are becoming more conscious about the décor of their homes; hence, they prefer to install skirting boards. These boards have varying uses. They do not work to protect the walls only but add glamor to them, and you can get them in varying sizes and shapes. You can use a 150mm skirting board in all your rooms, and this skirting board is ideal for light commercial use, like in offices.

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