The right Poolscapes you need Now



Thinking about getting a pool in the garden? Wondering what to look out for? And are you looking for tips and ideas to get an idea of ​​the possibilities? In this article we will discuss this further.

Why a swimming pool?

Swimming pool requests have increased significantly in recent years. This is mainly due to the weather change in the North Augusta SC. Previously, the number of heat days in the summer could almost be counted on one hand. However, that is no longer the case today. Temperatures are rising sharply and the number of warm days in a year only seems to increase. And that is the reason for many people that they want to have a swimming pool built in the garden. A swimming pool in the garden provides a lot of entertainment and the desired cooling. The poolscape North Augusta SC service is the best option now even if you want to go for infinity pools.

Choose the type of pool

There are an incredible number of options when it comes to pool construction. For example, you can go for a small pool, a large pool, a round pool and a square pool. There are also all kinds of different pool types. We will go through them with you.

Infinity pool

An infinity pool is a pool where the water is as high as the edge. The advantage of this bath is that it is filtered very quickly. This keeps the water and bath clean and you can swim and float in peace.

Ecological swimming pool

An ecological swimming pool is a swimming pool without cleaning chemicals. This means that the swimming pool does not contain chlorine, for example, and that swimming allergies are avoided. Now we almost hear you think: “but how does the water stay clean?” In an ecological swimming pool, this is done in a sustainable way with natural products.

Monoblock swimming pool

A monoblock swimming pool is a swimming pool that consists of one piece. If you beat it very flat, it is a large container or tub that is filled with water. The big advantage of a monoblock swimming pool is that it can be installed quickly. In addition, the swimming pools are available in all kinds of different shapes and sizes, so that almost every wish can be fulfilled.

Why a built-in swimming pool?

When we talk about swimming pools, there are actually two options. Option one is a surface-mounted swimming pool. That is a swimming pool that you can set up and that stands on the ground surface. And option two is a built-in pool. A built-in swimming pool is a swimming pool dug into the ground. An in-ground swimming pool has a few advantages over a surface-mounted swimming pool. 

Exclusive character of the garden

A built-in swimming pool gives the garden an exclusive character. It often looks very luxurious and is reminiscent of a beautiful holiday resort especially when you add beautiful pool lighting, a pool house, garden showers and a finished environment.

No horizon pollution

Because the swimming pool is buried, the horizon is not polluted. This means that the swimming pool is nicely concealed and that your view is not obstructed.

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