The Steps Of Installing An Entrance Mat


Before arriving at the installation of a new tapetes de hule, a good professional respects a number of steps, and thinks its intervention more as a service than a simple delivery. Review of details at entrance mats.

Taking The Ribs On Site

A technician travels to the carpet installation site and takes measurements. He makes the calculations to the millimetre ready and is interested in the diagonals, the length, the width, the bookings of the location of the entrance carpet.

During this visit, the technician also identifies the entry points and the crossing points to better prepare the day of the installation.

As all the people mobilized around an order of tapetes para negocio cannot systematically go on the spot, it is important, during this first on-site visit, to take a maximum of photos. Back at the office, the photos are shared with the project team.

The Manufacturing Voucher

From the ribs taken on the spot, a good of manufacture is published. We always plan a production that takes into account one or two millimetres of clearance in depth and width. Keeping the game so that the carpet is neither jammed nor compressed during installation.

The Cutting Job

From this command, checked by the technician who took the ribs, the cutting work can begin. The duration of this step depends on the requested depth.


The cut carpet passes into the drilling centre at the factory. It will be done manually depending on the traffic or the specific form requested:

  • Square
  • Triangle
  • Round
  • Star

We apply an undercoat coating:

  • Either vinyl and polypropylene REPs (absorbent scrapers for interior)
  • Or scratch coating for the outside
  • Either in coating cassettes brushes (very scratching), also for the outside

Setting Up Products And Adjustments

Although the measurements were very accurate during the first visit, there are still some adjustments to be made during the installation. A hump, small irregularities always complicate the pose. Specific cuts are then made (bias, rounded, mortise).

Reception On-Site

That’s it; the carpet is installed. The tapete fitness team can then bring a person to validate the pose. The installation is shown to a technical agent or a responsible person at the customer. A complete summary of the intervention is finally sent to the photos with attachment.

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