Things To Know About Urinal Unclogging


In Men’s Restrooms, urinals are a common thing, which man who has never used public restroom urinals are the most common ones in shopping malls, but it is also difficult for the company. The urinals are the cause of many headaches that take care of cleaning them. After some time of use, they start clogging due to the accumulation and concentration of ammonia.

The inside of the urinal is full of a mass-like area and small stones, an ugly thing to see and with a horrible smell. For those who tend to go to Bars and Nightclubs, you’ve undoubtedly seen slices of lemon and ice as they help to reduce the unpleasant smell of urine, which can sting your eyes and nose.

Many women probably don’t know it, but a lot of bars have this combination in the men’s room. Lemon, which has a large amount of essential oil, serves to mask the odor of urine. The fruit has a strong aroma, hiding others, so it is also used in disinfectants and detergents. Ice uses another tactic against the stink. You can also meet a plumber for the best service you can find

The low temperature reduces the volatility of urine substances such as ammonia, responsible for the unpleasant smell. But it still has other functions: the cold environment makes the proliferation of bacteria difficult. And the presence of the ice cubes slows the flow of pee out of the urinal, as most men like to “aim” at the ice during the operation. Usually, the ice and lemon technique.

This can also be exchanged for mothballs; it is also widely used in restrooms, malls, bars, and nightclubs, which have a high frequency of users and have a considerable amount of alcohol. The alcohol discarded by the body increases the concentration of ammonia, a substance that makes the odor of pee even stronger. For all these reasons, the urinals need a lot of maintenance.

A urinal or urinal is a name given to the place (usually with public access) for the act of urinating, that is, urination; from this term, the name urinal differs. A bathroom or shower room (which may or may not contain urinals) because they have toilets, which can be used for other types of excretion and not just urination.

This implies, in a way, that urinals are only for men, for anatomical reasons. However, on the page cited at the end of the article, there are also examples of female urinals. The urinals can be individual, usually made of porcelain or steel, when collective by licensed contractors. They also have a wide variety of shapes: round, oval, rectangular, etc. Like the toilets. They usually also have a water discharge (or not, where water saving is mandatory) which can be automatic (with sensor) or manual (using a button or water valve). There is also the use of disinfectant (with deodorizer) to avoid unpleasant odors and keep the place clean.

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