Top 10 Tips For Choosing the Best Concrete Contractor


Concrete has many uses in commercial and residential construction and renovation. Successful concrete projects require knowledgeable concrete contractors to plan and complete. Selecting the best contractor for your driveway, patio, foundation, or other work is an important decision.

Read more for the top ten tips for choosing the best concrete contractor.

1. Outline your Project

The first step is for you to detail the scope of the work that you want to complete. For example, if you want a new patio, think about the details, such as stamping, that you want included. Before contacting possible contractors, you should also have an idea about your budget for the job.

2. Read Online Reviews

Your next step is to search for an experienced concrete contractor online. This will give you the opportunity to read through the reviews that other customers have posted. Check through the companies’ websites to start getting a feel for who each concrete contractor is.

3. Ask Friends and Family

Check with coworkers, friends, neighbors, and/or family who have recently hired any concrete contractors. Ask for their options about the work that was completed for them. What went well, what would they change, etc. Invite yourself to their home to view the project!

4. Check Contractors’ Portfolios

Experienced contractors should have a portfolio of work that they have successfully completed. Not only is this a great way to see their quality, but you may also get more ideas for your project. If the contractor does not have an online portfolio, they may have visuals available for you when you meet with them.

5. Narrow the List

At this point, you may have a long list of potential concrete contractors. It’s time to narrow down your list. If you have a specialized project, such as concrete countertops, sort your list by contractors who have the most experience with that type of project. You can ask for references to be sure that you are obtaining enough background on your contractor.

6. Obtain Quotes

Prices charged by contractors can vary greatly. It is important to obtain quotes from the contractors at the top of your list. Be sure to get the proposal in writing from the concrete contractors. Read each thoroughly, so you know what is and is not included.

7. Verify Insurance

Accidents can and do happen. Before making your final decision, verify your potential contractor’s licenses to operate and insurance coverage. Also, ask about warranties on the concrete that they pour and the entirety of the project.

8. Find Out About Permits

Each town and state differ on what needs a permit and what does not require a permit. Ask your contractor about permits. A quality contractor should be knowledgeable about what paperwork is needed. Be sure to clarify who will obtain the permits before the job begins.

9. Get a Timeline

Before making the final decision on your concrete contractor, ask about the timeline for the project. You need to know the start date for the work, and the estimated completion date.

10. Enjoy Your Completed Project

Your last step is to enjoy the beauty of your new concrete project!

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