Top Ways to Reduce Cost of a Heavy Digger


A heavy digger is a machine that is used to move earth. Also, it is used for demolition, grading, landscaping, excavating and digging. Heavy digger examples include the different models of backhoes and excavators, and they are vital tools in all building projects. Nonetheless, the machines are fairly costly, so the majority of contractors choose to rent rather than purchase them. However, even when renting, a heavy digger’s running costs are still notable. Here’s some proven ways to reduce cost of a heavy digger:

1) Research Different Rental Firms

The most effective method to lower expenses is to choose a digger rental firm with affordable fees. Many firms offer the same models of diggers, however their hire rates differ. Spend some time comparing a few firms, prior to selecting one. While doing this, be mindful of the following things, to make sure you get a good deal:

Obtain a flexible rental service

Select a firm with a variety of machines. If you require a bulldozer and excavator, hiring them from a single firm will cost less than using a couple of firms.

Check that your deal includes machine attachments. Having access to attachments like grading blades, grapples, buckets and augers will spare you from searching for these things after the rental. There will be additional fees if you rent these elsewhere.

Once you have compared the firms against this criteria, request some quotations and choose the firm that satisfies your requirements for an affordable price.

2) Rent a Digger That is Serviced

Picture renting a digging machine that malfunctions halfway through your project. You will have to fix it immediately, and this will add a considerable expense to your rental fee. Prevent this by renting a machine that is serviced. Prior to receiving the digger, the rental firm should check, service and fix the machine. You ought to be available while the inspection is taking place, to make sure that every component functions properly.

Be attentive to things like the controls, attachment system, undercarriage, hydraulic system and electrical system. Check that the different fluid types have been topped up. After the machine is fixed and serviced, you will not incur repair fees that you didn’t cause.

3) Use a Professional Operator

Using a digger operator might appear like an avoidable extra cost, however it will reduce your project bill overall. Certain rental firms allow you to rent machines with a professional operator for an extra fee, for instance, £250. Make the most of these deals, because they will lower the rental cost over the long term.

A skilled operator will complete the job quicker than you could have done, particularly if you have no experience of operating a digger. In addition, professional operators do not make errors that arise from inexperience, and spare you avoidable downtime. In the unlikely event that the operator damages the machine, you are not liable for any costs — these will be covered by the rental firm.

Closing Summary

Digger rental is a vital element in every building project. Take the above guidance on board, before renting a machine. Get in touch with FGS Plant, if you are looking for some quality equipment to rent. We provide flexible options to meet the needs of all contractors. We charge affordable fees, and we will provide a quotation upon request – free of charge. Call us immediately, and allow us to deal with all your equipment needs.

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