5 Makeover Ideas for Small HDB Toilets


HDB bathrooms (and even bathrooms in recent condo units) are growing smaller in size and tighter in their layouts, and this is true whether you are talking about the master bathroom or the shared toilet.

By utilising some innovative bathroom interior design tips and methods, it is feasible to circumvent any space limitation that may be present in a tiny bathroom. Make your toilet seem brand new by beginning with these bathroom ideas used by many Singapore interior design companies.

1. Consistent tonality, hue, and texture (lighter colours are preferred).

Because of the limited space, you will want most of your walls, tiles, floors, and ceiling to have a hue and texture consistent with one another. This contributes to the bathroom having a steady flow, which helps the bathroom appear larger than it actually is.

Always choose materials that are glossy, light in colour, and reflect if you can. These surfaces reflect more light and create a brighter atmosphere, contributing to the illusion that the restroom is more open and spacious.

2. Include one or two elements that draw attention.

The room benefits from having a touch of thoughtfulness and originality added to it by eye-catching elements such as a matching pair of wood mirrors and a vanity cabinet (as seen in the image above). They stand out against the light flooring and walls, providing the room with an additional layer of depth, creating the illusion that the room is larger than it actually is.

It is important not to overdo it – one or two pieces will do just fine. Any more items will give the impression that the bathroom is cluttered. We don’t want it to happen, don’t we?

3. Allow as much natural light as you can into the room.

Any area that is illuminated by natural light feels airier and appears to be larger as a result. The difficulty is that HDB bathroom designs are known for having extremely tiny windows that look more like a ventilation duct than anything else.

To avoid this problem, ensure you do not obstruct the light flowing into the bathroom through the window by placing things like plants or laundry in front of it. Surfaces that are glossy and light in colour assist in creating a brighter environment by reflecting light that comes in via windows. Mirrors are another type of surface that is effective at reflecting light.

4. Invest in a large bathroom mirror.

Have you ever wondered why most restaurants and food and beverage businesses decorate their premises with enormous mirrors? Mirrors make it easier for clients to check out themselves and provide the impression that the area is far larger than it is.

In a similar vein, it is recommended that you install a sizable mirror in your toilet room. A larger mirror will not only make your room seem larger, but it will also prove to be a very useful accessory when getting ready.

5. Get a wall-mounted toilet.

The bowls of toilets placed on walls are typically smaller, making them an ideal choice for the more constrained spaces seen in HDB bathrooms. Additionally, by raising them off the ground, you give the impression that there is more room than there is. Most significantly, don’t you think they have a stunning appearance?

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