A Guide to Choose the Right Floor Tiles for Your New Home


Home is where the heart is and a home that is built with beautiful tiles could only be welcoming for any person. Today there is an abundance of styles, patterns, designs, and quality of floor tiles in the market – such a lot that you may end up getting confused while choosing the best one for your home. 

Here is a quick guide that can help you choose the right floor tile for your heavenly abode that you may be calling your home.

Consider Tile Porosity

An important feature to look for while choosing the right floor tiles is tile porosity. It is evaluated based on the ratio of air holes versus solids present in any tile, which is directly related to the quantity of water a tile can absorb. Moisture-prone zones in your home include bathroom and kitchen and while installing floor tiles in these areas you may want to consider the porosity first. 

Try Porcelain Tiles

When you install floor tiles for your home, chances are that you are looking at these from a long-term perspective. This is when aspects such as durability, moisture resistance, and versatility come into the picture. What better option than porcelain tiles to fit the bill if you need these elements. Club Ceramic could be your one-stop-shop for all porcelain tile related needs as it offers distinctive colors as well as designs that may suit your requirement.

Ensure Slip Resistance

If there are children and elders in your family, it makes sense to opt for slip-resistant tiles in your home. One of the most critical areas in the home, which requires such tiling, is the bathroom since it is prone to slipping accidents due to water spillage. Tiles, which have a high coefficient of friction, are ideal for such spaces. You can find these within the ceramic and porcelain variants. 

Go for Ceramic Tile for Hardwood Effect

Hardwood could provide a very classy yet warm feeling to your home. If you want to opt for it but fear the maintenance, then it is ideal to go for ceramic tiles, which have a hardwood effect. This type of ceramic tiles is durable and also moisture-resistant, which could be a perfect combination when you wish to build a low maintenance home. 

Light Colors for Larger Space Effect

For small rooms, always go for light-colored tiles since these can visually enlarge the space and make it look bigger. You can also opt for light colors in rooms that lack natural light. Light colors combined with larger tiles could make sure that space looks bigger and brighter. These options can be found in ceramic as well as porcelain. 

While setting up a new home, you can take your time to go through available variants based on the above-mentioned tips. This way, you can be sure of your choice and build a classy home that can shine for decades. Good quality tiles could go a long way in making your home look versatile and ageless.


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