5 Popular Garden Projects For 2024


Garden designs have, in recent years, become more exciting. No longer do homeowners feel the same pressures to keep a simple, green lawn space with well-organised and contained flower beds as has so often been the case for decades. Instead, there is a growing diversity and expression in outdoor spaces, with more homeowners looking for ways in which their gardens can have unique personalities.

Pollinator Sanctuaries

It is more common to see garden spaces considered not only with residents in mind but also pollinators. Insects are shedding their reputation as annoyances and are increasingly being respected for their ecological importance, with a buzzing garden demonstrating ecological health.

To support the presence of insects and, as a result, a healthy local environment, homeowners are creating bug hotels and hive spaces, to encourage the population of helpful pollinators and insects, such as those that prey on pests or, simply put, help the greater food chain, encouraging birds.

Creative Spaces

Those who paint, write, potter, or, well, pursue any form of creativity are often enamoured with inspiration from nature. As such, many seek to work near a window, with a view of the outdoors, or in their own garden. It’s become so common, in fact, that many are making their own creative spaces set in their outdoor space.

Outbuildings, such as log cabins, are ideal settings largely because of their bespoke and customisable designs, offering the space and utility needed by various crafts.

Solar Support

With batteries becoming more affordable, it is ever easier for homeowners to establish small solar panels in their gardens to bring power to their outdoor space. A battery can easily be housed in an outbuilding or beneath decking, offering charge potential to electric bicycles, robot mowers, or various tools and equipment.

Batteries can also be kept or brought into a home, increasing their utility and helping residents to reduce their energy bills too.

Culinary Utility

The nation is becoming increasingly gastronomic with an abundance of food-related television shows, cookbooks, and celebrity chefs. This fondness for food is already affecting home designs, with residents seeking to create spaces that support their culinary work.

Gardens are popular targets for such projects as they allow for more intensive assets, such as smokers and ovens, to be established with greater freedom, while also making good use of the surrounding nature. They can also be great for hosting dinner parties too, becoming the centre of attention as residents show off their culinary ability.

DIY Design

There is a great deal of flexibility when it comes to garden design and the imperfect, organic style of nature means that residents need not create with perfectionism in mind. Many embrace this freedom to pursue their own DIY projects, creating designs that suit a more natural environment.

For example, there is the culture of upcycling that sees old Wellington boots become plant pots while pallets are redesigned into vertical growers. There are an endless amount of possibilities for such environmentally friendly creativity.

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