Finding the Best Tiles for Residential or Commercial Space


Before buying tiles for your house, one needs to put in necessary time and attention to finding out the best quality ones of the lot. There are plenty of tiles brands out there in the region, however only few are trustworthy and offers for best quality products. No matter what type of construction you are planning to do, residential or commercial, quality matters first. The more one pays attention to quality output, the better will be the overall output of the construction. One of the most important areas where people struggle to make a decision is for choosing quality tiles of certain type and material. However, this should never be overlooked as it comes across as an important decision that could make or break the entire look of your space.

Sturdiness of the tiles

Some well-known brands like Bezen have unique techniques to manufacture tiles and it is copyrighted. This is why their tiles are of high quality, resistant to pressure and is able to support heavy weights. It is able to bear 450 kg per square centimeter. The tiles intact and in best conditions for several years and does not chip off like some low quality tiles that are available in the market. Once you buy this brand tiles, you can sure to have it in perfect shape without having to worry about replacing it anytime sooner. Italy’s high tech method combined with high heat production, the tiles are perfectly made to sustain wear and tear of rough and regular use. The tiles are blended together into a single layer and are hardened to a level that it can easily be used outdoors.

Guarantee assured color and size

One of the major issues that people face with regard to getting stone tiles (กระเบื้องลายหิน, this is the term in Thai) is that the tile shape may vary from what it was actually meant to be. This would be an issue for many as it will be totally different from what they had expected but this is not the case with Bezen as it makes sure to provide the exact tile in a specific shape and in the color that is mentioned beforehand. It also offers for plenty of choices in terms of designs and models and once you choose it you can be assured that it is the exact thing you always wanted.

Bezen ensures to address all of the major issues that come associated with using tiles. Their tiles come with 0.5% and lesser water absorption which ensures to keep the molds away thereby making it safe to use at all times. One can be sure that it does not let mold grow throughout the lifespan.

There is no dearth for variety and option for tiles in Bezen and coupled with that it stuns people with its high quality output which it has been managing to withhold for over several years now. All that one needs to do is to check out various tiles option from the official site and choose the one that best matches your expectations.

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