Different types of architect roles to choose from 



Architecture or design is one of those domains, which include a range of career options, due to several subjects that fall under its field. Designers work on scales, ranging from a small space to an entire region.  Architects design, present, develop, and oversee all sorts of assignment. Their artistic sense, design skills, and knowledge make them understand other paths, such as product design or graphic design, etc. 

It’s up to the architect to just to concentrate on one field or master all trades and below listed types can help you understand what career path to choose. 

Industrial architect

The design of an industrial project can be important to its functionality. As an architect, you need to understand the flow of the industrial process happening inside to specialize in. You need to understand various industrial processes and apparently what functional buildings and design parameters can hold them. Design can be a major piece of the industrial structure and you need to be far more efficient to elaborate the design. 

Commercial architect

If you want to focus on larger ventures, such as government sectors and business entities like libraries, shopping malls, and more. A well planned building is aesthetically appealing and its functionality changes as per the type of space being constructed. A thriving design of a public or commercial building is largely depends on experience for the users. For instance, designed shopping mall should let the customers find their way to get inside very easily, without walking more or getting lost inside the mall itself. The design requires construction, engineering and artistic skills and one should be fully aware of the construction costs, safety regulations, as well as building codes.

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Landscape architect

It’s to deal with outdoor spaces, such as campuses, neighbourhoods, gardens, parks, and public spaces. The design should be engaging, efficient and harmonious with the nature. For example, when designing the park, you should be aware of the ideal materials used, such as plants for different weather conditions.  

Interior designer 

Styling and designing the internal parts of a restaurant, an office, or apartment involves technical knowledge and artistic sense. They should have a thorough knowledge of colors, fabrics, materials and basic furniture layout.

Other specializations include residential architect, urban designer, and green design architect. Have you thought what suits you the best? Good luck and enjoy revamping the space with your aesthetic expertise

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