How a Laminate Flooring Manufacturing Process Affects Durability and price


If you’re searching at purchasing laminate flooring for your household, durability and price are major factors. It’s helpful to educate yourself regarding how different laminates are created so that you can make an informed purchase decision. There are 2 manufacturing methods: direct pressure and pressure.

Direct Pressure Method:

Laminate flooring created through the direct pressure method includes four layers:

Stabilizing (backing) layer: This really is really the underside material that includes stability and strength for the laminate board.

Core layer (board): This central layer in the laminate board sports ths stress and weight of ft traffic. It always includes high-density fiberboard but may also be created from medium-density fiberboard or particalboard.

Decorative layer: This really is really the photo rendering in the design which should imitate an all-natural material surface, for instance hardwood or slate.

Placed on layer: This is often a resin-based coating which usually includes several jackets of aluminum oxide (second only to diamonds in hardness) or melamine and is built to resist abrasion and offer protection for fading, staining and wearing.

Laminate flooring is produced by fusing these layers together inside a temperature of roughly 400 levels F at a pressure more than 600 pounds per sq . inch. The ornamental and stabilizing layer are pressed together towards the core layer inside the direct pressure process.

Callous Method:

Laminate flooring created by the top pressure method includes five layers as opposed to 4. The fifth layer includes special high-strength paper. The ornamental layer and overlay are pressed onto this fifth layer first, your resulting fused materials are glued for the core layer. The backing and top placed on layers are treated individually then fused straight to the main. This process produces a very good floor that’s suitable for very heavy ft traffic.

With regards to the process, flooring thickness is different from about 6 mm to 14 mm the thicker the flooring, the greater the sturdiness as well as the more cost. Laminate flooring created by the top pressure process is generally more pricey  created through the direct pressure process.

Final Manufacturing Steps:

Surface textures are imprinted towards the laminate flooring sheets (created by method), which are then reduce planks or square tiles. The tongue and groove locking method is lessen the perimeters using specialized machinery.

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