How Should You Do Painting of the Exterior of Your Home?


In order to keep your house well maintained and presentable, it is essential that you do residential painting glendale az every few years as they may get damaged due to weather conditions and sunlight.

In this small write up, we shall discuss about the 8 steps that you need to follow for commercial exterior painting tx. You too can learn more about proper painting the exterior by reading these steps.

  1. Pressure-wash your walls

There must be lots of dirt and other build-up of dust all over the wall collected over the years that you need to remove by doing pressure wash using water jet. This is necessary before you apply paint on the surface of the wall.

  1. Repair the damaged surfaces

If you closely observe all over your home then you may find various kinds of damages caused due to many different reasons. You may apply fillers on those damaged surfaces.

  1. Remove all loose paints

After drying up the exterior, take a note all around the house to look for any chipped or loose paint. You may remove those loose and chipped paints by using scrapper or sand paper.

  1. Caulk trim

Try to fill any gaps that you can find between house and by using exterior caulk trim all the doors and windows.

  1. Prime stains

Again, try to examine your exterior to look for any visible stains or wood knots. You can apply single coat of any stain-blocking primer on those areas by using paintbrush.

  1. Protect lights, doors and windows

All the windows, doors and various other lighting fixtures must be covered by using any plastic sheeting and also painter’s tape material.

  1. Paint exterior

Now based on the color chosen by you and also their intensity, you may apply paint coatings in very careful manner. You may have to apply few numbers of coatings depending upon the result your get.

  1. Paint all trims and doors

You can now remove all plastic sheeting from the doors, windows and other lighting fixtures. Add semigloss paint color of 2 coats to doors and woodwork by using paintbrush.

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