How to Buy a Condominium: 6 Tips for Choosing a Home


Looking to buy a home but don’t know where to start? Together with JBL Developers, experts have prepared useful tips for you to help you choose an apartment.

  1. Describe your dream apartment

Get together with everyone who makes a decision at the same table and write down on a piece of paper all the ideas, characteristics and options that seem important to you for life in your future apartment.

Answer yourself to the question, how much do you really need to buy a property? If there is no urgent need, this issue can be postponed for the future.

  1. Write down the housing flaws you want to avoid

Often, buyers focus only on the merits, falling into the trap of positive emotions.

And then they discover that they have not checked their neighbours, and now they live in the same staircase with a very unfriendly and aggressive person.

  1. Write down the areas for choosing an apartment

Think about where your social circle lives now, how you will get to work, how you will spend your leisure time, where your children will walk, which schools and kindergartens you will take them to in the coming years.

Also assess the prospects for the area. Will there be a subway here? Or maybe they are going to build a plant nearby – are you ready for such a neighbourhood?

  1. Decide on the upper limit of the budget

Calculate your financial resources. Consider your loan payments, potential income from the sale of your car, and all of your inventory. Now add 7-10% to that.

It is at this upper border of the price that the object must be selected. Remember, all the owners throw in exactly this amount for bargaining, and with competent negotiations, you will always reduce it.

  1. Make and save a selection of housing

Make a selection of objects that fit your parameters. If there are more than 30 of them, then you have set too broad search parameters. If less than 10-15, then too narrow.

It is ideal to visit the new building for show flat viewing to get complete idea about the condition of complex and components installed in it. If you have decided to purchase a condominium in Canberra Drive, don’t forget to visit the Commodore residential complex. The housings units are equipped with superb quality fittings and latest technologies. Lifts, pavilion, swimming pool, separate parking space, parks, hydrotherapy pool, gym and sports complex are some of the common community services offered by the Commodore developers for their future residents.

  1. See apartments, crossing out unsuitable locations

It is worth looking at different apartments at the same time of the day, so you can compare the same parameters under the same conditions. But the options you like are worth looking at several times at different times of the day and on different days of the week.

Interesting discoveries often happen. For example, that in the daylight everything is not bad, but in the evening it is somehow uncomfortable. The lights don’t work, it’s noisy near the house, and so on.

And finally

Take your time, let your decision “stand up”. Check with a professional. Perhaps he will suggest a few ideas that will change your initial choice.

Visit the website, register yourself for the Commodore condo launch and get all updates on your phone instantly!

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