How To Choose An LED Bathroom Mirror


When buying a new mirror, there are many factors to consider. For starters, there are numerous types of bath mirrors on the market. These vary in size, design, and function. But there are a few things you should look for togain the most out of your new purchase. Purchasing an LED mirror is one of the best ways to save time and money.

Innovative additions

One of the more exciting features of any smart mirror is the anti-fog technology built into the piece. Many of these pieces can also be hardwired to be placed anywhere in the room. Others have touch sensor glassthat allows you to adjust the LEDs’ brightness function. You can also find mirrors with Bluetooth technology to it. 

Colour combinations

Choosing the right light colour for your bathroom mirror is another critical decision. Aside from the obvious warm white or cool white, it would be best to look for a temperature with a high colour rendering index (CRI). The CRI measures how accurately a light can display different colours. Higher-quality LEDs will project the best reflection of a particular colour.

Purchasing tips

If you’re shopping for a lighted mirror, you can’t go wrong by buying one from a reputable company. A reputable manufacturer will have a sleek and stylish frame guaranteed to be smooth and snag-free. Even better, the price of these mirrors is often quite affordable. Plus, there are often free shipping options available.

To make your choice even more accessible, check out online sites that offer a wide selection of lighted mirrors at pocket-friendly prices. Many of these sites offer free installation. And, with the growing popularity of this kind of mirror, more and more manufacturers are designing models with more advanced features. From a remote control to a built-in shaver socket, you can now have the power of a swanky medicine cabinet in your bathroom.

Let this infographic give you more ideas in choosing the right Led mirror for your bathroom. For installation inquiries, get in touch with




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