How To Inspect, Maintain, And Test Your Fire Alarm System


The act of installing alarms systems in either your residential building or office building is simply the beginning. Even though it is widely known that these can save lives in cases of fire, alarms systems are only effective if they are properly maintained. The sad part is that the majority of the population doesn’t know how or doesn’t bother to learn the proper way of inspecting, maintaining, and testing fire alarm systems.

With that in mind, this article will focus on the importance of fire alarm maintenance.

Finding a Fire Alarm Service Company

Let’s start with the basics: finding a fire alarm service company! If you have not done so yet, try to look for a qualified and trusted fire alarm service company to assist you in your journey. Make sure that the company is fully licensed. Moreover, they must be recognized for their expertise in repairing, maintaining, installing, and designing the entirety of the fire alarm systems.

Continuous Fire Alarm Maintenance and Inspection

The next thing you should pay attention to is the regular maintenance of the actual alarms system. It is crucial that your fire alarm service company should perform an inspection regularly. This ensures that the system is capable of detecting a fire should the need arise.

In addition, you should also be familiar with how to maintain it well. It wouldn’t hurt to know the laws that govern fire alarms systems. If you understand the type of building you have, you are much more equipped with knowing the role of your fire alarm system.

Even though your fire alarm maintenance company will provide regular maintenance, you should also ensure that the system meets the requirements of the following:

Annual system inspection

Manufacturer’s recommended inspection frequency and standards

The local agency having jurisdiction

National Fire Prevention Association

Recording All Maintenance Activities

This is another task for you: ensure that you have a record of all fire alarm system maintenance activities. It is important that you possess a record of all adjustments or changes made to the alarms system. This data is necessary for any subsequent service personnel. With this, they’ll be able to understand the system’s existing conditions.

Now, let us proceed to your inspection checklist!

As soon as you have sorted out the details with your fire alarm maintenance company, you should now be able to come up with a list of things to inspect every now and then. This list will serve as your guide to ensure that your fire alarms systems are operational at all times.

Control Panel


Smoke Detectors

Heat Detectors

Manual Alarm Pull Stations

Notification Devices

Auxillary Power Sources

Battery Chargers

Door and Damper Releases


Central Monitoring

Detection Devices in Secondary Areas

Detection Devices in Elevator Shafts

In the end, you need to have ample knowledge of fire-related laws, as well as the basics of your fire alarms systems. This will ensure that everyone within the premises is safe should there be cases of fire. Luckily, your fire alarm maintenance partner will always be there to walk you through everything!

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