How to Keep Your Laminate Floor Clean with These Pro Tips 


If you have laminate flooring at your home, then taking care of it is a part of your routine, surely. You need to clean it every day or at least a one-day interval to make sure that there are no scratches or warped. Also, using harsh cleaners is not a solution at all, and therefore, here you would learn some techniques which would help you clean your laminate flooring efficiently.

Generally cleaning it with a dry mop should be a part of your routine when it comes to flooring options made of laminate. Here are some best ways by which you would be able to keep them clean.

Regular Sweeping: 

When you have laminate flooring, going for regular sweeping with the help of a dry mop should be a must. This would help you in removing the everyday dirt. Even though most of them are scratch-resistant, the excess dirt and hair and debris might cause damage.

Regular sweeping would make sure that there is no scratch. Also, if you use a vacuum then you could use it with one which has a soft brush attachment. Also, do not use a floor brush as the straws could damage the floor. Sweep in the direction in which the laminate floors had been laid.

Clean the Spills Immediately:

One thing that you should not take any risk with would be the spills. Do not let any kind of liquid even water to be there on the floor for a prolonged period. Liquid could, with prolonged contact, damage the protective wear of the floor. Use a dry cloth that would soak up all the liquid. And when it comes to removing the stain, use a damp cloth and then dry the spot with a cloth which should be soft and dry.

Use Mild Detergent:

One thing that you could use would be vinegar. You could also use any mild detergent which has been labeled as used on laminated flooring. Be sure that you know how to use the product correctly and read the label before use. With luxury vinyl plank flooring, do not use pine-scented products on your floor.

Also, stick to a mob when you are cleaning. And do not even think about using a steamer or a buffer as it would damage the laminate flooring. Thus these are some of the ways by which you would be able to ensure that your laminate flooring stays for a long time.

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