Know the Property Market Well To Sell Your House


If you are searching the property market to sell your house some time or other, you will get acquainted with the term cash buyer. The term itself displays the feature; the explanation is any individual or entity willing to buy the explicit property outright for cash at an agreeable price without any mortgage or loan. The company must own adequate resources to carry out the transaction or have access to a loan at low interest. If not, the transaction becomes messy. If the process is through a real estate agent, the potential buyer needs to sell another property to purchase the property owned by you. This is not a cash-buying process.

Sell the property quickly at market value

A cash-buying company member of NAPB guided by the Code of Practice of the Property Ombudsman has enough cash reserve and does not need a mortgage. You will find such a competent company on through whom you can sell the property quickly at market value. As this sector is growing and many homeowners are unaware, which deters sellers from approaching the cash buying companies. Before they provide you with a quote, due diligence and conduct and surveys are performed as a lender or Mortgage Company would undertake. The sale process in cash buying is similar to other channels. As the deal is face to face, eradicating property chains where third parties and other intermediaries are involved. The success of the deal is more pronounced.

Absolutely legitimate

Cash buying is absolutely legitimate, provided the upfront cash is handed to you within the scheduled time. If the company is willing to pay the upfront amount, you need not go through the strenuous process of checking their credibility and wait for the valuer to appraise the property or for funds to be disbursed. As all the necessary steps are carried out by professionals, the deal is less likely to be upheld. On the contrary, if the buyer needs a mortgage to conduct the deal, a certain amount of time is required to process the documents and affordability checks before the mortgage is approved. The primary procedures, like valuing the property, and drafting the sale deed, are conducted by the cash-buying company saving tons of hassle on your part.

Cash buying constitutes 35% of the market 

Cash buyers in the UK housing sector spent one-third more in purchasing property compared to last year. The mortgage-free purchases are the driving force behind the boom in the property market. There were 482,000 cash buying deals in the year 2022 till March at a total cost of Pound178billion, 17 and 32% higher than the previous three years before the covid-19. Due to lower home loan rates, historically, cash purchase property was expected to fall and acts as a stimulant to mortgage buying. But in reality, the proportion of cash buying (35%) remained unaffected, and the average cash buying price was around Pound 368 600 compared to Pound 302,500 for average mortgage buying.

Data privacy

Log on to to find a suitable cash-buying company. The website ensures data privacy, not a lead generation portal. Over here, you find legitimate cash buying Property Companies with enough resource members of both The Property Ombudsman and the National Association of Property Buyers.

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