New Kitchen Essesntials that every housemaker should invest in.


If you are renovating or building a new house, there are a few details that you should pay attention to that will make your house a home. So let’s first talk about the most important area of the house, the kitchen, aka the heart of your home. Now when we talk about the kitchen, the first thing that comes to your mind is food and dishes, isn’t it? And with food and dishes comes the responsibility of keeping your kitchen clean and tidy; this is where modern crockery units with wash basin designs come in handy.

Now you’re wondering what a modern crockery unit with wash basin designs has to do with your kitchen being neat and tidy. Well, this makes your cleaning tasks less tedious and quicker, as all you have to do is wash your dishes or crockery in the wash basin and store them back in the modern crockery unit that’s either above or next to your wash basin without worrying about accidentally dropping your delicate crockery set. If you need a little help figuring out how a modern crockery unit with wash basin designs would look in your kitchen, we’re here to help you with that – 

  1. Wash basin cum crockery unit Wherever you decide to install your wash basin, ask your interior designer to add a piece of furniture with glass door cabinets next to it that you can use as a crockery unit. This brings two important elements of the kitchen together – purpose-oriented (wash basin) and utility- and decor-oriented (crockery unit). You can use the unit’s countertop as a drying area for your crockery and then put it back up once it’s dry.You can even add warm cabinet lights to your crockery unit cabinets to give them a more luxurious feel.
  2. Open shelf crockery unit – If you are someone who doesn’t like to put everything in closed cabinets or find cleaning them a tedious task, then the open shelf crockery unit is one of the best modern crockery unit with wash basin designs you could opt for. This saves you space in your kitchen compared to a piece of furniture with cabinets. If the space above the wash basin is vacant, you can install 2 to 3 open wall shelves to display your beautiful collection of crockery sets or you can install them adjacent to the wash basin.
  3. Crisscross crockery unit: If you want to make use of the space above or adjacent to your wash basin, you can dress it up by installing a mirror backdrop and crisscross open shelves to hold your crockery.Here’s a picture to help you understand the modern crockery unit with wash basin designs better.

Now that you have a better understanding of how to utilise the space next to your kitchen’s wash basin and how to amp up your crockery unit, your kitchen will have one more eye-catching feature for your guests to talk about and take inspiration from the above-mentioned designs.

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