Pest Control: Liquid Versus Bait


The most annoying and destructive critters in the United States are subterranean termites. These wood-eating insects cost property owners in the country millions, even billions of dollars every year in maintenance and repair costs, and billions more to exterminate these critters and arrest damages being done. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

People can actually stop these critters before they enter their properties. The best way to get rid of termites is by using baits and liquid barriers. Let us take a closer look at the advantages and disadvantages of these processes and see whichthe best way to exterminate these insects is.

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Liquid barriers

This termite extermination process creates a barrier of termiticide in the area around the property to eliminate termites that pass through. It has been the industry’s standard for controlling this insect for many decades. This process is pretty effective, but it has two disadvantages.

First, exterminators need to bore trenches and holes around the property’s foundation, and it can sometimes pose a serious risk. Second, some barriers do an excellent job of killing these critters, but they do nothing to destroy colonies that are sending workers to pass through barriers.

When the barrier slowly wears out, worker mites will eventually find ways to pass these liquid barriers. Some experts realize that this process can have some disadvantages. That is why pest control firms use eco-friendly products that do not just kill these critters but also work to exterminate colonies that are attacking the structure. The active ingredient in most of these products is Chlorantraniliprole.

What is Chlorantraniliprole? Click to find out more.

It causes paralysis in the worker termites’ jaw muscles. Because of this, mites can no longer eat. Worker mites then spread and carried this chemical to other workers in their colony, causing them to die of starvation. It can work its way to the colony and kill its queen. Without their queen, their colony dies. These chemicals are also proven to last longer.

That is why the barrier created will stay longer. In the battle against worker mites that never stops destroying the wooden part of the property, it is very important to achieve success. Compared to typical insecticides, what is amazing about these products is that it does not affect other insects beneficial to the property.

Homeowners do not have to worry about earthworms or honeybees dying off because of this treatment. These products are environmentally friendly, and if property owners are looking to protect their houses, these termiticides are the best way to do so. It can be put around the structure before construction, without boring holes or trenches. It can protect houses for many years.


This way of exterminating termites works in two ways: they can be used to exterminate colonies, as well as used to monitor these insects. Most pest control firms use systems to do both. They use accepted and advance termite baits. Bait stations are put around the property’s perimeter as a pest control monitoring system and checked regularly by service teams.

When the bait is taken (scientifically proven to be more effective compared to wood to termites), service providers are alerted to the problem. They can take immediate measures to assess and arrest the threat as soon as possible. When mites strike, the system is employed to fight them.

Worker termites take these baits and bring them back to the colony. Like liquid barriers, baits work their way back to the mite colony, and kill their queen – but it works in a different way. According to research, this system is considered the most potent way to kill the colony because of its slow-acting agent that slips the colony’s defense through the natural sharing of secretions and food.

Properties that installed this system also have barriers installed. Baits act like a powerful shield because it uses worker mites foraging behavior against it. When they find their food, these insects will continue to look for food, making sure that they will eventually find these baits and share them with the colony and eventually with their queen.

If property owners need termite protection for their houses, reputable exterminators have the solution. Homeowners need to contact these professionals and start the conversation. Specialists will be happy to walk them through the advantages and disadvantages and guide them to the best process for their unique situation.

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