Powder coating- a new beginning


We have been watching powder coating over a long period of time, but it has been more of a protective cover on various materials and metals. However, this time around, a completely new texture of finish has been developed using powder coating as the base material to give what the market and the high end people have been demanding for some time.

This is the Patina finish using powder coating rather than paints or chemicals which have been in use for a long time to provide rustic and old age finish to articles with different bases. Although, patina finish is mainly used for metals like brass and copper, some people also use other metals like aluminum and stainless steel also.

Advantages of powder coating for patina finish

There are several advantages of using powder coating to create patina finish as compared to paints and chemicals for the same finish. While paints and chemicals are very hazardous for people working, as well as people living close by, powder coating is not so hazardous.

Paints and chemicals require many coats of color to bring in the required texture. This becomes costly for the customer and involves huge loss of material while painting. On the other hand, the cost of patina finish using powder coating is a cheaper option and the real finish is derived only in a single coat of powder coating.

Most importantly, paints and chemicals do not bring about the real looking finish while using powder coating, the patina that you create is just like real without having to wait so many years to be one.

Learning patina finish powder coating

Many coaters will never share their secret formula or technique that can give them millions, but Maui Powder Worksis willing to share its technique and style with all powder coaters and painters that wish to move ahead and try something new in their business.

It is ready to share its secret color mixing required to create the patinas and also help fellow masters to increase their business all over the world.

They have come up with many courses on creating patinas and its technique. You can choose the course that interests you and you believe will help you in enhancing your career and business in the long run.

Choosing the company

It is important that you must know why you mustchoose Patina powder coat ahead of many others like this. It is simply because Maui Powder Works is way ahead in terms of technology for creating patinas. It has some of the finest experts who have working experience of more than 20 years in the field of powder coating and are leaders in creating patinas all around the US.

The company has trusted customers from all sections of people and has served the best and the top companies in their projects to create lively things. If you wish to check on the company claims, you can see the number of reviews that the company has been gaining for its exemplary work then you can click here.

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