State Condensing Tank less Water Heater 540P Series Review


In a time when energy savings are important for everyone, having a State Condensing Tank less Water Heater is more than a matter of comfort. It benefits your pocket and contributes to society. State condensing tank less gas water heater works like a conventional gas water heater. But, the process is much more efficient. You get ready reservoir of hot water.

Available for both residential and commercial uses, state condensing 540P tank less gas water heater is an ideal option at affordable prices. If you want to be part of this group of people who enjoy a quality bath with economy, know all the factors that must be taken into account when choosing the ideal tank less gas water heater for your home.

The location for the installation –

Before starting to search for tank less condensing gas heaters, it is important to check the installation location and pay due attention to the hydraulic issue. Prepare the pipes for cold water, hot water and the gas that will feed the heater. The gas may be a cylinder or natural gas. The main reason why some people do not use the heater is that the bathrooms do not have a separate water pipe. So, when you go to renovate the house, take the opportunity to leave it prepared to receive a condensing tank less gas heater, even if you are not going to install it immediately. That way you can save money for the future. Always demand that the installation is done by trained technicians and according to the standard.

Sizing of Gas Heaters –

Pay attention to the flow capacity of the showers when choosing your state condensing tank less gas water heater. Usually the calculation of a heater is done based on showers of 8 to 10 liters per minute. This flow level already guarantees good comfort, being more than double the flow of an electric shower.

  • 8 liter heater: serves a bathroom with shower.
  • 10 to 15 liters heater: can eventually serve a shower and a tap simultaneously.
  • 18 to 20 liters heater: serves one bathroom, and can serve two nearby bathrooms with showers with 8 liters of flow.
  • Heater from 22 to 26 liters: serves two bathrooms, with a shower with a maximum flow of 10 liters.
  • Heater from 30 to 37 liters: serves three bathrooms, with showers with a maximum flow of 10 liters.

Analyze consumption points –

The domestic gas water heater can fill the needs of your home with hot water in the showers, in the bathtub, in the kitchen sink, washing machines and others. Analyze the consumption points you want to use. At this stage it does not matter the number of people who will use it, but the definition of the places where it will be used simultaneously. The exact number of consumption locations will determine the capacity of the gas heater. The distance will also influence the operation of the equipment. The price difference between device types can be scary, but the performance difference is also big. Take care not to confuse a DIGITAL device with a mechanical device that has a DIGITAL DISPLAY.

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