The Secret to Styling Smaller Kitchens


If you’ve decided to remodel your kitchen and are looking for some expert advice, this blog post is here to help! In it, we cover the tricks of the trade in designing a small kitchen. After reading this informative and helpful guide, your home will be transformed!

As if moving into a smaller home wasn’t difficult enough already, many of us find that remodeling our kitchens can turn into a major headache — truth be told, many people give up before even attempting the project. However, if you choose the right countertops material, wall color, and layout, you can turn a small kitchen into a beautiful abode. Check out countertops options on Méga Comptoirs to make your small kitchen even more attractive.

Here are some styling tips for smaller kitchens.

  • Countertop material

While it may be tempting to select the same material that currently lines your home’s counters, such as granite or marble, a different material is usually more appropriate for small kitchens. Granite can be too heavy and stone might also not fit well with other styles. Quartz is often well-suited for small kitchens and can look great without being too busy.

  • Wall color

Often, homeowners go for a bold and loud color for the walls of their small kitchens. After all, that’s why it’s called the focal point of the room — right? However, pastel colors can create a much larger illusion of space. It’s best to choose one color that can be used throughout the room in order to fully maximize this trick.

  • Layout

In order to make the most out of a small kitchen and save as much space as possible, consider placing your sink under the window. This will help make the room feel larger and will provide some natural daylight that can brighten up a dull atmosphere. You should also choose a small fridge that will go well with the kitchen’s overall look. If you have enough room, consider placing appliances under a countertop cabinet as opposed to leaving them on the countertop. This will save you space while still allowing you to have your appliances readily available.

  • Décor

Everyone needs a little décor in their life. However, it’s still important to refrain from going overboard and getting too distracted by any one item despite your home being on the smaller side. Placing one focal point in the center of the kitchen, such as an island or table, can draw attention away from any one wall and make everything seem more cohesive — regardless of size!

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