Why are Sasquash rosin presses more in demand over others?


Rosin press makes an excellent choice for people looking for quick and automated extractions. The product comes with an attached electric pump that completes the extraction process way before than the other models. Manual pressing methods take more time and effort. Thus, the productivity is not properly utilized.

On the other side, models like LeDab Sasquash rosin press can save you a lot of time, money, and effort during the extraction process. Moreover, the automatic models are less noisy over manual ones. We have reasons to discuss that make Sasquash rosin press more in demand.

Before we shift to the discussion of the models, here are the top yields extracted by the machine;

  • Bubble hash
  • Kief
  • Flower
  • Shake
  • Trim

Benefits of using Sasquash rosin presses:

Electric or automatic rosin presses like Sasquash are new in the market. However, these have gained huge popularity in demand in less time. It is needless to say that these function in an automatic circuit saving costs on labor and yield extraction. Also the electrical outlet takes less time in extraction compared to the manual designs. Thus, there is improved productivity in the final result.

Another reason why rosin presses make a sensible investment by various industries and companies is due to the safety and convenience attached. Considering the level of accidents and fatal injuries caused during the extraction process, Sasquash rosin presses are considered safe. It is because of the zero risks involved in explosions. Moreover, these automatic machines do not require much manpower to operate it. Thus, the companies also save a lot of money on insurance and labor cost.

Another advantage of using rosin presses is that these have the capability to produce varied products. The machine doesn’t require special staff or trained technicians to operate. With some basic training, rosin pressers can be put to function. The machines do not demand regular maintenance and heavy costs in repair work. If you maintain it well and call for regular basic maintenance, it will work for a life time with you.


Considering the reviews, ratings, and feedback LeDab Sasquash rosin press are considered to be amongst the most recommended ones. Choosing a rosin press that is easy to produce, gives high-yielding, and give solvent-free benefits is a wise investment. Get in touch with your nearest dealer and check out the models they have to offer you.

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