Why Every Home Needs An Electrical Switch Board: Benefits And Features 

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What Is A Switch Board?

A switchboard is an essential & crucial component of every home’s electrical system. It is one of the components of an electrical distribution system that distributes electricity to several load circuits. With an electrical switchboard, you can control the flow of electricity or protect your appliances from power surges. 

What Is A Modular Electric Switch?

A modular electric switch is a modern switch that consists of several separate components that can be easily assembled and installed. They are safer & designed with various features such as UV protection, child safety, and even antibacterial properties. They also tend to be more aesthetically pleasing than traditional switches, with different electric switch board cover plates. You can replace the electric switch board cover plates with different styles & colours to match the room’s decor.

Benefits Of An Electrical Switchboard For Home

  • Central Control

The switchboards provide a centralized location to control the flow of electricity. You can control different electrical appliances by switching them on and off as needed using the switchboards.

  • Protection

The switchboards come with circuit breakers and fuses that protect your electrical appliances and other devices from electrical faults or short circuits. This protection can prevent your expensive devices and appliances from any damage. 

  • Convenience

By using the switchboards, you can easily manage your electrical system. You troubleshoot the issue by identifying which circuit is overloaded or causing problems. 

  • Safety

The electrical switchboards prevent electrical fires and electrocution by providing a means of controlling the flow of electricity. It keeps your home and family safe. 

Features Of An Electrical Switchboard For Home

  • Circuit Breaker

It is designed to protect electrical circuits against damage caused by overloads or short circuits, and overload protective devices protect electrical circuits from damage. The main function of the circuit breaker is to interrupt current flow if any fault is detected in the electrical system. It automatically disconnects the power to a circuit if it detects an overload or short circuit.

  • Fuses

These are the same as circuit breakers, which protect your home from electrical faults. Therefore, they are called protectors. If a circuit overloads or has a short circuit, the fuse melts, opens the circuit, and disconnects it from the power supply.

  • Busbars

These are the backbones of most power applications, made of metal bars that conduct electricity within the switchboard. 

  • Switches

They are embedded in the switchboards and are used to turn the power on and off. 


An electrical switchboard is an essential component with different switches and sockets. These switches and sockets ensure the safety and convenience of your home’s electrical system. If you buy a switch board online, make sure it is of high quality and made with high-grade plastic or metal for durability, compatibility, and safety.

If you want a high-quality switch board online, check out Legrand. They are one of the great players in electrical infrastructure and provide a custom solution according to your requirements. 

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