How To Get Rid Of The Smell When Your Basement Gets Flooded


Houses that have recently been flooded have a lot of work to do when it comes to cleaning and restoration. Simply leaving the basement alone to dry by itself without the help of basement water extraction, Baltimore, Maryland based experts will eventually lead to more complications. One of which is the dreaded foul smell.

How can the residents of the home get rid of the smell that develops after a flood? Here are a few tips worth noting:

1 – Actively Drying The Basement

Leaving the basement to naturally dry on its own is one of the biggest mistakes anyone can make after a flood. The basement is often dark and closed off making it nearly impossible to dry on its own. It is always best to actively dry the area by extracting all the excess water and increasing the airflow and circulation.

If it is possible to open all the doors and windows while a fan is blowing air, do so to increase the drying speed.

2 – Remove Any Source Of Moisture

In cases where the basement is used as a storage space, it is time to empty it all out. Remove any items that may hold water and moisture to encourage drying. Items such as cardboard boxes, old curtains, and rugs tend to retain a lot of water after a flood, make sure to empty out the basement and let these items complete dry in another area before returning them.

Better yet, dispose of these items since they were already damaged by the flood.

3 – Check For The Presence Of Mold

One of the most common causes of odors from the basement after a flood is mold and mildew growth. The presence of excess water and moisture can make the basement their perfect home. Check every corner for any signs of an infestation and start cleaning with bleach as soon as you find any indication of growth.

The sooner the growth is contained, the sooner the smell will go away.

4 – Inspect For Pests And Animals

Sometimes the flood can result in pests and animals drowning inside the basement if they called the space their home before the flood. Their decomposing bodies will start to smell bad after a few days. Make sure to check all corners and crevices for animals just to make sure there are none causing the foul smell.

5 – Disinfect The Basement

A basement flood can also have a foul smell because it may have mixed with some raw sewage. If you suspect that this is the culprit for the smell, get to disinfecting the entire basement right away. Bacteria and other pathogens can be present in the sewage and make everyone in the home sick if it goes untreated.

6 – Hire The Water Extraction Experts

Hiring the basement water extraction, Baltimore, Maryland to clean the basement is the best and most effective way to ensure no smells develop after the flood. Professionals use high-quality tools, equipment, and cleaning materials to ensure the basement is 100% sanitary and dry before they consider the job done.

A flooded basement is a disaster and our team at MD Water Damage Restoration will be at your service for basement water extraction, Baltimore, Maryland. Contact us today!

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