4 Reasons Your Tap Water Stinks


There may be instances wherein your tap water may smell funny. Sometimes, the odour can be likened to rotten eggs. Other times, the foul smell can be comparable to bleach. This article lists down some of the possible reasons why your tap water stinks.

Sulphur Bacteria

One of the primary reasons why your tap water may exude a foul odour is because of sulphur bacteria that have found its way into your water supply. According to the professional plumbers Coogee residents recommend, with the presence of this bacteria, you tap water can smell something like rotten eggs. Nevertheless, if you only tend to smell this foul odour when you are running hot water from your faucet or your shower, then the bacteria causing a chemical reaction may be isolated in your water heater and not in your water supply.

Iron Bacteria

Another reason why your tap water stinks is because of the presence of iron bacteria in your water supply. In this case, you may notice that the smell of your water is something musty or earthy. While iron bacteria may generally be harmless, it can be quite a nuisance because of the taste that it brings to the water. What you can do to address this problem is to explore the implementation of a chlorination system in conjunction with a water-holding tank to help oxidise the iron for a suitable filtration.

Organic Material

There may be naturally occurring organic material in your water supply causing your tap water to smell fishy. Even with the strong smell though, it hardly signifies the presence of any harmful contaminants in your water. What you can do to treat this nuisance though is to use a reverse osmosis water filter to improve the odour and taste of your tap water.


If you live in the city, you may notice your water smell like chlorine from time to time. The odour is similar to the smell of swimming pool water. Chlorination is necessary for urban water systems for disinfection. Nevertheless, you can use a water filter to easily remove chlorine from your drinking water.

Final Word

The smell of your tap water can be attributed to various reasons such as sulphur or iron bacteria, as well as organic material or even chlorine. There are several other reasons why your tap water may smell. Just keep in mind that regardless of the thing that causes your tap water to be stinky, there will always be a way for you to address it appropriately.

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