6 Garage Door Maintenance and Repair Tips You Must Follow


Ever thought if your garage door stops functioning properly what it can lead to? Well, nobody thinks about such situations when things are going good. People usually delay or ignore the maintenance of these doors thinking them to be less important, but the fact is the safety of your family and valuables do depend on the sound functioning of residential garage door phoenix az. Therefore, timely garage commercial door repair orlando fl and maintenance are important. So here are some useful tips on the same:

  • Regularly check auto-reverse: Auto-reverse is a safety mechanism that detects an obstacle in the garage door’s path and immediately reverses the door in another direction. To check the efficiency of the auto-reverse feature of your garage door:
  1. Lift the door and place an object under the door
  2. Now, hit the remote button to test the auto-reverse.
  3. If it’s in a good condition, it will reverse back as soon as it touches or senses the object.
  • Frequently oil the hinges: Regularly lubricate the moving parts such as roller tracks, pivot, and extension springs with oil or lithium grease. This will help you to open and close the garage doors smoothly without creaking.
  • Replace weather-stripping: Weather-stripping can effectively keep floodwater out and improves the overall insulation of your home. So, examine the seal along with the base of your garage door and see if there’s any crack. If it seems brittle, consider replacing it as soon as possible.
  • Fix loose springs: The springs in your garage door can wear out and break over a period of time. Therefore, it’s important to repair or replace the broken or loose springs instantly.
  • Regular cleaning: Cleaning not only enhances the look of your garage door but also protects it from dirt and corrosion.
  • Other essential tips:
  1. The roller brackets, cables, pulley and wrench sockets should be examined at least twice a year and need to be repaired or replaced accordingly.
  2. Polish or paint your garage doors once in a year to attain the new look again.

So, make sure you follow the above tips for your garage door maintenance, which will eventually increase the performance and durability of your door. For expert help in this regard, companies like Premium Garage Doors can be of great help which can meet all your garage door service needs at affordable prices.

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