7 Qualities You Should Consider When Hiring General Contractors


A general contractor is a professional you hire to manage and coordinate all of the different aspects of a construction project. They handle everything, from the initial planning and budgeting stages to the completion of the project. They will be your go-to person for a construction project.

You can hire subcontractors, but the general contractor might have a better network. They can also help ensure you complete the project on time and without going over budget.

If you’re about to take on some construction project, then hiring a general contractor can ensure that everything is ready to go and that the project will be successful in the end. Since it may be your first time looking for a general contractor, here are some positive signs that a general contractor is someone you want to hire.

Licensed, Bonded, Insured

When looking for a general contractor, it is crucial to ensure that the contractor is all three things: they should be licensed, have bonds, and be insured. These qualifications signify that the contractor is professional and knowledgeable about the construction industry.

A licensed contractor has extensive experience and will be able to provide quality work. A bonded contractor is financially secure and capable of completing the project. Insurance is vital because it protects you financially when an accident happens during the construction project.

By hiring a licensed, bonded, and insured contractor, you can rest easy knowing that you’re working with someone who knows what they’re doing, and you won’t get into trouble if an accident happens during the project.


When hiring a general contractor, look for their qualifications first. Their capabilities tell you they are reliable so that your construction project won’t crumble before your very eyes after you spend time and money on it.

It’s essential to check the qualifications of a general contractor. Ask them about their experience and references from previous clients.

Request copies of any certifications or qualifications they have. Look for testimonials from other clients or check reviews online to get an idea of the contractor’s experience, abilities, overall personality, and what they’re like to work with on a project. Contact the contractor’s state licensing board to ensure their license is valid.

Make sure they know the materials and tools needed to finish the project to your satisfaction. Doing this will ensure they’re not a scammer or someone pretending to be a general contractor worth your money.

Relevant Experience

Assessing whether a general contractor has the necessary experience before hiring them is essential. You want to make sure that your general contractor has completed similar projects to the one you need to finish. Inquire about their past projects and the ones that are similar to yours.

Moreover, inquire about their experience with the materials and tools they will use for the project. Because they’re a great contractor doesn’t mean they have experience regarding the specifics of your project, which is why relevant knowledge is crucial.


Just because a general contractor has experience doesn’t mean that you will enjoy working with them, which is why you should check their reputation. You can look at past clients’ reviews, referrals, and testimonials to see if the contractor is dependable and honest. Asking for references from prior customers can help you learn more about their skills, experience, and customer service. You can also find online reviews on the general contractor on review websites.


Similar to reputation is their professionalism. Unfortunately, this part is more difficult to gauge, but reviewing customer comments and reviews is one way to check it. Otherwise, a real-life face-to-face meeting might give you a better indication of your general contractor’s overall professionalism.


Adaptability is an essential trait for a general contractor to have. A contractor who can adjust to changes quickly and efficiently is one you want to hire. They should provide creative solutions to pop-up problems while maintaining build quality.

One way you can check whether they’re adaptable is by seeing if they embrace new tools like general contractor software—that way, they are up-to-date in their methodologies.

Competitive Pricing

It’s crucial to find a general contractor that charges competitive prices so that you can stay within your budget. You don’t want to find yourself in an uncomfortable financial situation after the construction project is complete. Although it shouldn’t be the main thing you look for or base on, you still don’t want to hire someone you can’t afford.

Shop around and get someone who provides value and is someone that you can afford. Don’t be afraid to take the time to research instead of committing to the first person you meet.


When selecting a contractor, consider qualifications, experience, reputation, professionalism, adaptability, and pricing. Ensure they are licensed, bonded, and insured, have references, and have good online reviews. Ask for certifications or qualifications. Ensure they are familiar with materials/tools and are up-to-date with methodologies. Ensure competitive pricing.

By checking these aspects of a general contractor, you should be able to hire someone you trust, and that will make your projects a success.

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