7 Reasons for Having HVAC Maintenance On a Spring To-Do List


One sure sign of spring is the gradual increase in the hours of sunlight. Spring to-do lists are being filled with lots of great steps to prepare for warmer weather and longer days. One must that all homeowners should add to their list is HVAC maintenance.

Continue reading for seven reasons that you have HVAC maintenance on your spring to-do list.

1. Easier Scheduling

For many HVAC contractors, the spring season is not as hectic as during the height of the summer’s heat. Emergency repairs in the summer make for more challenging scheduling for HVAC repair technicians. So, calling and scheduling your spring air conditioning maintenance provides your contractor with the ability to better coordinate their technicians’ availability with yours.

2. You’re Not as Reliant on your HVAC System

Another plus to having HVAC maintenance completed in the spring, you are not as dependent upon your system as you are in the middle of the summer. Unfortunately, since many do not need to use their HVAC systems in the spring, it can be easier to forget about scheduling your annual maintenance. Add HVAC spring maintenance to your annual calendar, and you’ll be set for each summer season.

3. Improves the Efficiency of your HVAC Unit

Annual replacement of the filters and cleaning other components of your air conditioning unit will ensure your system performs at its peak. Technicians will eliminate any dust and debris from your AC that would interfere with its ability to work efficiently. Worn parts will be replaced. These steps will ensure that you have cool air in the summer. Another plus is that your AC’s consumption of energy will be reduced.

4. Decreases the Possibility of an Unexpected Breakdown

During the spring cleaning of your HVAC system, a technician will look for any potential problems. They will note signs of wear and tear on your system. Technicians will also you’re your system that might not have been used throughout the winter. Fixing small problems is much less costly than when you have a complete system shutdown.

5. Increases the Longevity of your System

Proper maintenance on your HVAC system can increase how long your system operates. When an HVAC unit does not run efficiently, it often stresses part of the unit. Performing spring maintenance will correct those issues that would have put pressure on how it operates. This will add to the lifespan of your unit.

6. Improves the Air Quality in your Home

Filters in your HVAC system that are not replaced on a routine basis are no longer adequately performing their job. During the winter season when your air conditioner is inactive, filters become clogged with particles from the air, dirt, and pollen. Therefore, the unchanged filters can no longer remove particulate matter from the air. New filters will once again filter the air you breathe.

7. Continues your System’s Warranty

Many manufacturers require routine HVAC service to maintain a valid warranty on equipment that you purchased from them. If you cannot prove that your HVAC unit was professionally maintained, you may lose your warranty protection.

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