The Eco-Friendly Way of Hauling House Junk: A How-to Guide


Did you know that every day an average person produces about four and a half pounds of waste? Unfortunately, this waste is not even recycled by 20 percent. Indeed, most of it ends up in landfills. This damages our environment, even though it is possible to recycle about 75% of all solid waste. So, what are we going to do about it? Effective waste management begins at home. You need to choose a different way to dispose of the waste in order to preserve the environment.

Reduce, reuse, and recycle

Always take note that waste management decreases the quantity of waste that goes to waste disposal. The best way to reduce household waste is to reduce, reuse, and recycle. Also, excessive amounts of trash contaminate clean water and air and harm human, animal and marine health. Here are some effective methods of disposing of your waste.

It seems that old items may appear difficult to reuse, but I guarantee that they will go a long way toward environmental wellness. Always be aware of the environment. Disposing of your junk seems to be a chore. However, the benefit lies beyond the trouble.


Repurposing for home aesthetics is first on this list. Ancient trash containers are perfect as improvised flower stands. Decorate them with stunning colors and, you can make beautiful personalized stands! Repurposing these things makes you feel happy and confident. Besides, you worked to make your community waste free. Take your old bowls to make flower or plant holders. Also, plastic coffee cups are perfect for this purpose. The possibilities are endless! Think out of the box and you’ll come up with a great result.

Recycling is one of the best ways of waste disposal. Arguably, this is the most common household waste management practice. Approximately 75% of all waste can be recycled. Several companies, including Evergreen Junk Removal in Philadelphia, provide safe recycling and junk hauling services daily. These companies are dedicated to repurposing hauled waste from residents. Some of the commonly-encountered recyclable materials are paper, metal, plastic, styrofoam, batteries, various electronics, and more. You need different bins to segregate different kinds of recyclables.


For biodegradable waste, it is a different story. An excellent way of disposing of waste without impacting the environment is by composting your food and garden waste. A good option is to fill a container with nitrogen and carbon-rich materials. Remove all vegetable waste and garden waste into the container and heat. Leave it for up to two weeks. If this sounds too niche for you, detach green waste and call your go-to junk removal service because they quickly recycle it.

The effort is worth trying!

Even if it seems hectic and daunting to follow environmentally friendly processes to eliminate the garbage, it is possible to manage your waste without harming the environment. Not only that, the methods mentioned in this article promotes environmental conservation. I hope this article will enable you to have enough insight into the advantages of this process.

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